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Question;1. The following tabulations are actual sales of units for six months and a starting forecast in January.Calculate forecasts for the remaining five months using simple exponential smoothing with? =.20.Also, calculate MAD for the forecasts.MonthJanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneDemand F100 80941068068942. Assume that your stock of sales merchandise is maintained based on the forecast demand. If thedistributor?s sales personnel call on the first day of each month, compute your forecast sales by eachof the three methods requested here.MonthActualJune140July180August170a. Using a simple three-month moving average, what is the forecast for September?b. Using a weighted moving average, forecast for September (Use the following weights: 0.2, 0.3, and0.5)c. Using a simple exponential smoothing and assuming the forecast for June had been 130, forecastsales for September with alpha = 0.303. Assume an initial starting forecast of 300 units, a trend of 8 units, an alpha of 0.30 and a delta of 0.40.If actual demand turned out be 288, calculate the forecast for the next period.4. Historical demand for a product is as follow:DemandAprMayJunJulAugSep605575608075Using Least Square Method (Simple regression), forecast for October.5. The following table shows the past 2 years of quarterly sales information for Rauniar Chips. Assumethat there are both trend and seasonal factors and that seasonal cycle is one year. Use trendprojection with seasonal variation method for forecast quarterly sales for the next year.QuarterIIIIIIIVSales160195150140QuarterVVIVIIVIIISales215240205190


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