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Question;All work must be completed neatly and professionally. MS Excel should be utilized by using separate worksheets in one file. Clearly name all worksheet tabs with the question number. You MUST show all work when performing calculations to receive any credit for your answers. Formulas must be enteredinto all cells achieving a calculation. Submit your file to the Bb Assignment.Submit a properly formatted and printed hardcopy in class.#2 Steve?s Steak House (10 Points) - Steve's Steak House uses exponential smoothing with trend (alpha =.10 and beta =.40) to forecast its weekly demand for chopped steak in the metro area. Average sales have been 1000 steaks per week, and the recent trend has been an increase of 20 steaks per week. Actual demand last week was for 1040 steaks. What should the forecast be for this week?#4 Joe?s Equipment Distributors (15 Points) ? Joe's Equipment Distributors sells ?Low and Loud? brand lawnmowers. Total demand in 2002 is expected to be 2000 units. Given the historical sales figures listed below, derive a forecast for each quarter in 2002.FallWinterSpringSummer1999501505004002000804506004902001120510700610#6 The Law Firm of Smith and Wesson (15 Points) ? Income at the law firm for the period February to July was as follows in the chart.Use trend-adjusted exponential smoothing to forecast the law firm?s August income. Assume that the initial forecast for February is $65,000 and the initial trend adjustment is 0. The smoothing constants selected are????? and??????MonthFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyIncome (inthousands)70.068.564.871.771.372.8#7 Florida State Highway (15 Points) ? The following gives the number ofaccidents that occurred on Florida State Highway 101 during the last 4 months:MonthJanuaryNumber ofAccidents30February40March60April90Forecast the number of accidents that will occur in May, using least-squares regressionto derive a trend equation.


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