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Question;QUESTION 1The first step in the decision process isimplement the solution.analyze the environment.recognize a decision requirement.develop possible solutions.analyze the data.5 points QUESTION 2Nordstrom Department store's "No questions asked - Return's Policy" is an example of a(n):unstructured decision.novel decision.nonprogrammed decision.poor management.programmed decision.5 points QUESTION 3Which type of plan helps managers implement the overall strategic plan?CrisisTacticalOperationalCorporate LevelContingency5 points QUESTION 4__________ is the final step in the MBO process.Review progressSet goalsAppraise overall performanceConduct periodic checkupsDevelop an action plan5 points QUESTION 5Rebecca works for a company that has clearly defined lines of authority. Each employee knows that he or she has authority and responsibility for a distinct set of tasks. Employees are also aware of the company?s reporting structure as well as successive management levels all the way to the top. Rebecca?s company follows which principle?Authority principleUnity of command principleScalar principleResponsibility principleSpecialization principle5 points QUESTION 6Relative to a flat organizational structure, a tall structure has a????????span of management and???????hierarchical levels.wide, fewernarrow, fewernarrow, widernarrow, morewide, more5 points QUESTION 7Barney and Betty work at Mountain Peak, Inc. Although they both work on the assembly line, they have the authority to make many decisions about their job. Mountain Peak can be said to have:no management.a wide span of management.a high degree of centralization.a high degree of decentralization.a narrow span of management.5 points QUESTION 8All of the following are characteristics of the classical decision making model except:clear-cut problems and goals.conditions of certainty.rational choice by individual for maximizing information about alternatives and their outcomes..All of the above?are characteristics of classical decision making model5 points QUESTION 9The major limitation of goals and plans is:goals and plans guide resource allocation.goals and plans may cause rigidity in a rapidly changing or turbulent environment.goals and plans decrease employee motivation.goals and plans decrease employee commitment.None of the above is a limitation of goals and plans.5 points QUESTION 10A blueprint specifying the resource allocations schedules, and other actions necessary for attaining goals is referred to as a(n) _____.visionobjectivemissiongoalplan5 points QUESTION 11In using MBO, objectives should be set by the:employee.supervisor.supervisor and the employee jointly.accounting management.5 points QUESTION 12Jacob was recently looking at his company's organization chart in an attempt to discover who reports to whom.Jacob is studying his organization's:chain of command.?degree of of formalization.amount of differentiation.division of labor.5 points QUESTION 13Bobby, a product manager, wants to increase the market share of his product. He is unsure about how to go about it, not knowing for sure how costs, price, the competition, and the quality of his product will interact to influence market share. Bobby is operating under a condition of?????.ambiguityuncertaintycertaintybrainstormingconfidence.5 points QUESTION 14The essence of__________is to choose the first solution available.bounded rationalitycreativitydecision maximizationsatisficingthe classical model of decision making5 points QUESTION 15Relative to the functional structure, the divisional structure:has a higher degree of work specialization.encourages decentralization.has excellent coordination across departments.results in an efficient use of resources.has a more pronounced division of labor.5 points QUESTION 16Rodney doesn?t always realize that within his role as an air traffic controller, he must continuously perceive and process information based on knowledge and experience that he is not consciously aware of. This describes what type of decision-making?AdministrativeSatisficingRationalIntuitiveRight-brained5 points QUESTION 17The planning process begins with which of these?BrainstormingCommunication of goals to the rest of the organizationThe development of a mission statementA company-wide meetingThe development of operational goals5 points QUESTION 18Of the strategic management functions, which is considered the most fundamental?ControllingLeadingExecutingAnalyzingPlanning5 points QUESTION 19Which of the following typically is NOT considered a staff department?Strategic planningManufacturingHuman resourcesResearch and developmentAccounting5 points QUESTION 20Which of the following refers to the degree to which organizational tasks are subdivided into individual jobs?Lines of authorityAutonomyTeam structureMultitaskingWork specialization5 points QUESTION 21Alabama Airlines has three planning specialists who help division managers develop their own division plans.Serving as consultants to the divisions, the planning specialists give advice about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Alabama Airlines is utilizing what approach to the planning function?Centralized planning departmentCentralized planning committeeDecentralized planning staffPlanning task forceTQM5 points QUESTION 22Which of these are true about contingency plans?They are developed to achieve a set of goals that are unlikely to be repeated in the future.They are used to provide guidance for tasks performed repeatedly within the organization.They define company responses to specific situations, such as emergencies or setbacks.They are most important in the organizations.None of the above are true regarding contingency plans.5 points QUESTION 23Sarah is a middle manager at Stylin' Sneakers Corporation. She is most likely responsible for the achievement of???????????goals.operational?top-levellower-levelstrategictactical5 points QUESTION 24????????????are reasonable yet highly ambitious goals that are so clear, compelling, and imaginative that they fire up employees and engender excellence.Tactical goalsBottom-up goalsStretch goalsStrategic goalsOperational goals5 points QUESTION 25Which of the following characteristics applies to authority?It flows across the horizontal hierarchy.It only works if subordinates accept it.Individuals are born with this power.It emerges from the organizational values.It is vested in people, not positions.5 points QUESTION 26???????????means that each employee is held accountable to only one supervisor.Unity of directionUnity of commandWork specializationDivision of laborScalar principle5 points QUESTION 27Gina wishes to transfer authority and responsibility to her subordinates. This process is known as:departmentalization.delegation.coordination.passing the buck.accountability.5 points QUESTION 28Kevin's subordinates are highly trained and all perform similar tasks. Nichole's subordinates are spread over two locations and she has little available in the way of support systems. Which of the following statements is most correct assuming the proper application of managment concepts?Nichole's span of management can be larger than Kevin's.Nichole will have problems with unity of command.Kevin's span of management can be larger than Nichole's.Kevin has more problems with work specialization.None of the above is a correct answer.5 points QUESTION 29The organization's reason for existence is known as the organization's?????????.valuevisionmissionservicegoal5 points QUESTION 30Which of the following is NOT one of the benefits of MBO?Individual and department goals are aligned with company goals.Efforts are focused on activities that will lead to goal attainment.Employees are motivated.Operational goals are able to replace strategic goals.Performance can be improved at all company levels.5 points QUESTION 31When departments are grouped together on the basis of organizational outputs, the organization is using a:functional structure.matrix structure.divisional structure.virtual network structure.5 points QUESTION 32______________ is/are associated with the lowest possibility of failure.certaintyriskambiguityuncertaintythreats5 points QUESTION 33You are violating which of these goal characteristics when you attempt to create goals for every aspect of employee behavior?Specific and measurableDefined time periodChallenging but realisticLinked to rewardsCover key result areas5 points QUESTION 34Which of these is(are) primarily concerned with tactical goals/plans?Lower managementMiddle managementBoard of directorsSenior managementConsultants5 points QUESTION 35Programmed decisions are made in response to????????organizational problems.significantalluniquerecurringunusual5 points QUESTION 36????????referstoadesiredfuturestatethatanorganizationattemptstorealize.GoalVisionstatement?PlanIdeaMission statement5 points QUESTION 37Mark, a production manager at Kaylie's Kookware, recently chose to schedule his workers to work overtime. His alternative was to hire more workers. He is now monitoring the consequences of his choice. This is an example of ____________.planning?leadingdecision-makingorganizingcontrolling5 points QUESTION 38???????????enables firms to cope with unexpected events that are so sudden and devastating that they have the potential to destroy the organization if managers aren't prepared with a quick and appropriate response.Strategic planningContingency planningIncident planningCrisis planningEmergency planning5 points QUESTION 39The??????????????model closely resembles the real environment in which most managers and decision-makers operate.normativeadministrativepoliticaldescriptiveclassical5 points QUESTION 40Finance managers at Big Bend Inc. made a financial blunder when they solely looked at the previous year?s salesto estimate sales for the coming year. Of which management bias is this an example?Justifying past actionsPerpetuating the status quoSeeing what you want to seeBeing influenced by emotionsBeing influenced by initial impressions


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