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Human Resources and change




Question;Human Resources and Change;PowerPoint Presentation;The three major human resources;management responsibilities are: attracting a quality workforce, developing a;quality workforce, and maintaining a quality workforce. Research an;organization with which you are familiar that is in need of a change.;Based on the organization you have;selected and the major human resources management responsibilities, create;a PowerPoint presentation of 12-15 slides (including title and reference;slides) in which you address the following questions;What organization have you selected and what needs to;be changed?Why does this change need to occur? What may be the;consequences if this change does not occur?How should this organization attract, develop;and maintain the workforce required to bring about your proposed;change?Discuss at least one of the;following about attracting a quality workforce to support the change: human;resource planning, recruitment, or selection.;Discuss at least one of the;following about how to develop a quality workforce to support the change;employee orientation, training and development, or performance appraisal.;Discuss at least one of the;following about how to maintain a quality workforce to support the change;career development, work-life balance, compensation and benefits, employee;retention and turnover, or labor-management relations.;The presentation should also;integrate appropriate connections to the broader course materials and a;faith/worldview-based component. Clearly demonstrate how that worldview informs;the group?s management practice.;Include at least four academic;references for this assignment to support your position. One of them should;relate to the company discussed in your paper.


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