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Bus 335 "Job Descriptions" Please respond to the following:




Question;Job Descriptions" Please respond to the following;Choose four (4) ?Aspects of Employee Job Satisfaction? from Exhibit;4.18 in your textbook, and describe the main reasons why these four (4);aspects would be important deciding factors to consider when looking for;a job or working in a different organization. Justify your response.From the case study and e-Activity, identify three (3) additions;that you believe would be necessary to add to one (1) of your chosen;organization?s job descriptions and specializations that would have a;significant influence on the hiring process. Justify your response.e-activity Use the Internet to research two to three (2-3) job descriptions and /;or job specializations of one (1) organization of your choice. Be;prepared to discuss.125-200 words per queston


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