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Question;Final ExamIn this module, you will complete and submit the open-book Final Exam. The majority of the questions for the exam will come from the textbook readings and will cover the materials covered in the course. As you prepare to sit for the accrediting exams for APICS or the Supply Chain Council, it will be important to have this information top-of-mind.Submit the Final Exam to the Dropboxno later than Thursday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. Name your Word document as follows: LastName_FirstName_MGT377_Final_ExamMGT 377 Final Exam 1&21A store;stocks beer mugs and the demand for these beer mugs is 10,200 per year. It;costs $120 perOrder of the mugs and;it costs $1.35 per mug per year to keep the mugs in stock. Once an order isPlaced, it takes seven;days to receive the order from the distributor. Determine the following:a. Optimal order sizeb. Minimum total;annual inventory costc. Reorder point4. The Really Big;Weapons Company was asked to bid on the barrel assembly for the 30 mm;recoillessRifle. The company;estimates that it will take 10 hours to complete the 25thunit, and;based onHistorical data for;similar barrel assemblies, an 85-percent learning curve is expected.a. What is the;expected average time for the first two units?b.;What is the approximate estimated time for the 100thunit?Describe how;purchasing strategy is becoming more intertwined with organizational strategy.;HowHas;this evolved and how is it changing the role of purchasing managers2. Describe the legal;ramifications that are associated with the purchasing role. What are some of;thekey roles and;responsibilities related to the legal ramifications to the firm? Also include;in your answerthe;four components of a legal contract.Describe the process;of negotiations. Be sure to include the difference between distributive andIntegrative;bargaining along with the psychological factors often associated with the;negotiationProcess?.;="msonormal">


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