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devry bsop434 week 1 and 2 discussions




Question;Inventory Management (graded)Why do inventories cost so much to maintain? Provide some examples of how cost is associated with carrying an inventory. Is there anything we can do to lower this cost, and if so, what?Supply Chain Management (graded)Discuss why supply chain management (SCM) has become so important. Identify companies that have a well known SCM system. Do these companies have anything in common when it comes to their implementation of SCM?week 2 discussionsTransportation (graded)="0">How can a transportation manager take advantage of trade-offs between price and service? As a transportation manager, when would you want to take advantage of these trade-offs?Facility Location (graded)Discuss the location selection criteria for distribution centers, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. How might these factors be considered important when locating a manufacturing facility? How do they differ from the factors considered important when locating a distribution facility?


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