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OPS MGMT - Die Casting and Painting




Question;Process Analysis ProblemA company makes a part that using a process that contains two operations: Die Casting and Painting. Assume that storage is available between the two operations. The storage area can hold 400 units. The daily demand for the part is 1,200 units per day. The company has assigned one individual to each operation. The Die Casting operation has a rate of 80 units per hour. The Paining operation has a rate of 60 units per hour.Operation Flow Storage Flow OperationDie Casting PaintingRate Storage Capacity Rate400 unitsa. Is this process balanced, Yes or No, and what the reason for your yes or no answer?b. What is the throughput rate of this process?c. How long (duration) should you run each operation each day to balance the output (make the number of units processed per day the same for the two operations) and meet daily demand?d. Once you are running the process in a balanced manner (made the output per day the same for the two operations) describe the work-in-process inventory level in the storage area throughout a day (24 hour period) and draw a graph of the situation (parts in the storage area over a 24 hour period). Start your analysis after both operations are working.


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