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Question;Help;with Essay Questions;Course Textbook;Hughes, R. C., Ginnett, R. C.;Curphy, G. J. (2009). Leadership, enhancing the lessons of experience;(6th ed.).;New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.;1. A self-fulfilling;prophecy occurs when our expectations play a causal role in bringing about the;events we predict. What does that statement mean? How can our expectations;affect how an particular event will occur?;2. One approach to succession planning is;the nine-cell matrix which rates candidate for promotion on leadership;potential and leadership performance and suggests promoting those who measure;the highest in leadership potential and performance. How are leadership;potential and leadership performance measured? How is it possible that someone;being considered using the nine-cell matrix might be rated high in leadership;performance but not in leadership potential or high in leadership potential but;not in leadership performance?;3. What are the sources of a leader?s power? Are some of those sources of power;more effective than others? Does the situation make a difference in how;effective a particular source of power is?;4. Empowerment? is coming to be an overused term. What does it mean in terms of;leadership? What does the term imply about leadership?


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