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SHu QSO690 case 2 assignment




Question;Eastern Gear, Inc.;General Guidelines;Notes;?;This case is in Section Six of the textbook.;Read the case carefully, at least twice.;?;This is the cover page of your case report.;Word-process your case report within this template. Do not change the header or;footer. They contain course number, term, name of case, and page number, which;are all required.;?;Use 12-point regular Times Roman font and 1.5-line;spacing.;?;Use Equation Editor (Insert/ Object/;Microsoft Equation) to word-process formulas, if required for the case.;?;Use Excel for graphs and any Drawing Tool in;Word for diagrams, if required for the case.;?;Do minimal rounding at intermediate steps;(use at least four significant digits). Round off the final answers;appropriately.;?;Create a single Word document by pasting all;your Excel work into this Word document.;?;Answer the questions given below in preparing;your report for the case. Do not use the questions given at the end of the;case.;?;Your comments must relate directly to the;case. General comments are not expected.;Analysis of the Case;? What are;the major problems facing Eastern Gear, based on the information presented in;the case? Describe the major problems. (200?400 words);? Present an;analysis of the major problems that you identified. Discuss possible solutions;to the problems and their pros and cons. (200?400 words);Recommendations;? Make your;recommendations to Easter Gear based on your analysis. Justify (sell) your recommendations;to Eastern Gear by discussing their costs and benefits. (200?400 words);Appendices;? Include;any additional supporting documentation here. If you did any analysis in Excel;copy and paste your output as one of the Appendices.


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