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Question;Complete a case analysis of Case 11.2: Car Wars at Wolfsburg found on pages 341 of your text. Make sure you open & read the guidelines and rubric that you will find under the Syllabus link of the class. Please note that the rubric follows the criteria outlined in the assignment guide and rubric. Answering the questions at the end of the case does not constitute a thorough case analysis. If you?re confused, open up the Individual Case rubric to ensure you are doing the assignment correctly. Include a title slide that lists each participating team members name and a reference slide that indicates the outside resources used to prepare your presentation. One team member should upload your final PowerPoint through the Written Assignment link under the Group PowerPoint Case link for grading. All participating team members will receive the same grade.Present your project via the Collaborate Live Classroom. Make sure you record your presentation so the instructor is able to view it. Ideally each team member should present his/her own portion of the analysis, but there are times when this is simply not possible. So as a team, decide how you want the presentation done. You may have one person present or multiple presenters ? the choice is yours. The final presentation should be uploaded and presented in your teams live classroom.ONLY ONEpresentation should be submitted for your group.Note: There are two steps to submitting your group project. Both steps must be completed in order to earn credit for this assignment.1) Submit your PowerPoint to the grade book via the Group PowerPoint Case link that you?ll find under the Written Assignment area of the course.2) Present and record your presentation in your groups Collaborate classroom. You will need a microphone and speakers or a headset with a microphone to record the presentation. The USB headset eliminates that annoying feedback.


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