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SAINT MGT342 MODULE 4 Homework Assignment 2




Question;MGT 342 Homework #2: Transportation Regulation and;Costing/Pricing;NOTE: Most students work the homework assignments out in;pencil and paper ? scan them;into a.pdf file and submit them to the appropriate Dropbox.;Others, typically those;without a scanner, work them in a Word.doc or Word.docx;file and submit them to the;appropriate Dropbox in this way.;SHORT ANSWER ? Please provide a two to three sentence answer;to each question.;1. The main objective;of deregulation in transportation was?;2. An oligopoly can;be defined as;3. What the primary mission of the Federal Motor Carrier;Safety Administration?;ESSAY ? (Please select two of the following questions and;provide a one to three paragraph response);1. What is the role;of industry associations in connection with transportation policy development?;2. Transportation;project planning is described as a public activity where purely financial;return is not the;overriding benefit to be attained. Give the reasons why this;activity is a major part of the public;activity in the U.S. economy.;3. Transportation;safety continues to receive significant government attention. Is this linked to;economic;deregulation? Explain your answer. What is the intent of;federal safety regulations?;4. Distinguish;between the terms "rates" and "price" as relates to;transportation?;5. Define and discuss;Cost of Service Pricing.;6. What is the;current status of rates under deregulation?


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