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SAINT MGT377 MODULE 4 homework set 2




Question;In this module, you will complete and submit your second homework set. This gives you the opportunity to assess your understanding of the important concepts presented in Chapters 6, 7, 8, and 9 of our textbook. Not only will this assignment help in your understanding of the key concepts, it will also help you prepare for the Final Exam and ultimately for the opportunity to sit for the accreditation exams offered by APICS and/or the Supply Chain Council. You should have started this assignment during Module 3, but you can to download it in case you have not yet begun.Submit Homework Set 2 to the DropboxMGT 377 Homework Set 2On a Word document, provide a short answer to each of the;following questions and submit the completed assignment to the Dropbox no later than;Thursday 11:59 PM EST/EDT of Module 4.1. What are the five functions of inventory?2. Explain the concept of lead time.3. Describe three ways to process unfilled orders.4. Describe the importance of establishing specifications;for a material or product.5. As it would apply to the Saint Leo core value of;responsible stewardship, describe some of the legal and ethical concerns of the typical;purchasing manager when dealing;with vendors and suppliers.="msonormal">


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