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MBA 533 What You Should Know About Equal Employment Opportunity Laws and Job Analysis and Design




Question;Using the Job Analysis form provided in Doc Sharing, conduct a job analysis (Task-Based approach) on an entrance level management position of interest to you. Be sure to list and discuss (do they make sense, is there a clear pattern here, etc.) which tasks were rated as most important from your computations using the formula provided in the module (being sure to list the actual EFIL numbers associated with each task). Then make suggestions on how the job might be designed better (any ideas here?if you could?). Your paper should be 3 pages maximum, double spaced, with appropriately formatted APA citations and bibliography.;**HAS TO BE AN ORIGINAL AND I NEED IT BY 10PM TONIGHT***Job Analysis Format;Tasks;?x? if done;RELATIVE TIME SPENT;1 ? small amount of time;2 ? less than average;3 ? average;4 ? above average;5 ? large amount of time;DIFFICULTY TO LEARN;1 ? one of the easiest;2 ? easier than most;3 ? harder than most;4 ? one of the hardest;A MISTAKE MADE (OR IF NOT DONE) WOULD BE;1 ? slight, easy to correct;2 ? somewhat serious, but easy to correct;3 ? serious, hard to correct;5 ? very serious, life threatening or very expensive;CENTRALITY;0 ? just a side part of the job, not a central part of the job;1 ? a central part of the job, but not one of the primary reasons the job exists;2 ? a central part of the job, one of the main reasons the job exists;RE-ASSIGNMENT;0 ? several people do this, can be re-assigned on a long-term basis;1 ? one other person does hit, could be re-assigned on a long-term basis;2 ? nobody else does this, cannot be re-assigned on a long-term basis;Example: Sprays down the scales with water in order to make accurate readings.;1 2 3 4 5;1 2 3 4 5;1 2 3 4 5;0 1 2;0 1 2;1. (Put your task statements in each line);1 2 3 4 5;1 2 3 4 5;1 2 3 4 5;0 1 2;0 1 2;2.;1 2 3 4 5;1 2 3 4 5;1 2 3 4 5;0 1 2;0 1 2


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