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Question;Write a 4-6 page paper, focus your responses on effective;business communication and ethics.;For this assignment, you will take on the fictional role of;a new CEO/leader for the following organization.;You are the new department manager for a utility company, replacing a;longtime manager who;failed to address internal theft and accounting indiscretions that have;become public knowledge and;cause for legal action against some ex-employees. To successfully lead;this department after the crisis;you must adopt effective communication and leadership strategies. Use;this assignment to convey what;these strategies are, and how they will be implemented.;Specifically address the following questions in your paper;?;As a new leader you must communicate with the;key stakeholder groups. Identify the key;stakeholder groups and their probable concerns, given the current;situation. Describe how;you will approach the communication(s) in terms of content, tone, and;channels. Include an;assessment of how your DiSC style may impact the effectiveness of your;approach(es).;?;You are under pressure from those that hired you;to demonstrate a plan to get the firm back;into good standing with key stakeholders, including the public;investors, and others, as;appropriate. The presentation audience should be a specific group;likely the people who;hired you. For example, the group might be the Board of Directors;Executive Team, owners;or key investors, depending on the situation selected. You decide to;connect with the;audience by delivering an eight-minute persuasive presentation. Outline;the key points you;plan to make and why, including the purposes of your presentation.;Explain in writing your top;design and delivery strategies and tactics, highlighting their expected;effects on the audience.;Be creative!;?;Finally, you have a deeply ingrained sense of;integrity. You intend for the firm to operate with;the same depth of values when facing ethical decisions and dilemmas.;Describe three key;areas you would focus on to influence the values of the firm, and;explain the actions you;would take to apply those values, clearly applying course learning.


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