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Question;Quiz ONE (chapters 1-3);?;Question 1;10 out of;10 points;When a government sees that local industry is;threatened by imports, it will never impose import barriers to stop or reduce;these imports.;?;Question 2;10 out of;10 points;Foreign business refers to the operations of a;company outside its home or domestic market.;?;Question 3;10 out of;10 points;The term international company refers to both;global and multi-domestic companies.;?;Question 4;10 out of;10 points;Examples of the kinds of uncontrollable forces;listed in the text are;?;Question 5;10 out of;10 points;Due to the expanding importance of foreign-owned;firms in local economies, host governments have made their policies toward;these companies _____________.;?;Question 6;10 out of;10 points;Both developed nations and developing nations;tend to trade more with developed nations.;?;Question 7;10 out of;10 points;The first formulation of international trade;theory, by Adam Smith, was motivated by agricultural necessity.;?;Question 8;0 out of;10 points;The theory of absolute advantage suggests that;under free and unregulated trade, each nation should specialize in producing;those goods it can produce most efficiently, based on naturally occurring;resources such as minerals, oil, or timber.;?;Question 9;10 out of;10 points;Which of the following is explained by;international trade theory?;?;Question;10;0 out of;10 points;Off-shoring is an application of;?;Question;11;0 out of;10 points;The World Bank is organized into three major and;two smaller institutions.;?;Question;12;0 out of;10 points;The International Court of Justice has 15 judges;who come from 15 different countries and serve 15-year terms, appointed by;majorities of the General Assembly and the Security Council.;?;Question;13;0 out of;10 points;The General Assembly;?;Question;14;10 out of;10 points;What is the purpose of the International Monetary;Fund (IMF)?;?;Question;15;10 out of;10 points;Economic integration begins with a


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