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Question;?;Question 1;10 out of;10 points;In the United States, procurement often exists in;a web of social relationships and friendships.;?;Question 2;10 out of;10 points;Power distance is similar to inequality, but;defined from above, not from below.;?;Question 3;10 out of;10 points;The unspoken language includes aspects of work;spaces.;?;Question 4;10 out of;10 points;Assuming one's own culture to be superior to;other cultures is known as;?;Question 5;0 out of;10 points;In a diffuse culture;?;Question 6;0 out of;10 points;Privatization means the ownership transfer from;government to private entities.;?;Question 7;10 out of;10 points;Country risk assessment is an evaluation;conducted by a bank or business, that assesses a country's economic situation;and policies and its politics to determine how much risk exists of losing an;investment.;?;Question 8;10 out of;10 points;Unfair competition caused by a nation's low;requirements for bank capital-asset ratios is known as _____.;?;Question 9;10 out of;10 points;Cash payments, government participation in;ownership, low-cost loans to foreign buyers and exporters, and preferential;tax treatment are examples of _____.;?;Question;10;10 out of;10 points;Under Non-quantitative barriers, subsidy is the;most common form of _____.;?;Question;11;10 out of;10 points;Arbitration is a dispute resolution mechanism;that is an alternative to litigation.;?;Question;12;10 out of;10 points;Product liability is the standard that holds a;company and its officers and directors liable and possibly subject to fines;or imprisonment when its product causes death, injury, or damage;?;Question;13;10 out of;10 points;are agreements between countries and may;also be called conventions, covenants, compacts, or protocols.;?;Question;14;10 out of;10 points;An FAS is an inco-term where _____.;?;Question;15;10 out of;10 points;A _____ is a government grant giving the inventor;of a product or process the exclusive right to manufacture, exploit, use, and;sell that invention or process.


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