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Question;Quiz THREE (chapters 8-10);?;Question 1;10 out of;10 points;Floating currency exchange rates are rates;that are allowed to float against other currencies and are determined by;market forces.;?;Question 2;0 out of;10 points;In a BOP account, payments to other;countries are tracked as debits.;?;Question 3;10 out of;10 points;Specific currency exchange equivalence upheld by government;is called ______________.;?;Question 4;10 out of;10 points;The exchange rate between two currencies for;delivery within two business day is called ______________.;?;Question 5;10 out of;10 points;A(n) _____ is a record of a country's;transactions with the rest of the world.;?;Question 6;10 out of;10 points;is currency, held by a government's;central bank.;?;Question 7;10 out of;10 points;is a sales tax whose payment;documentation from one stage to another from production through to the final;buyer becomes important for tax credits.;?;Question 8;10 out of;10 points;is an indirect tax levied on;passive income that the corporation would pay out to nonresidents, people, or;companies in another tax jurisdiction.;?;Question 9;10 out of;10 points;Populations in many developing countries;are projected to decline in the coming years, due to factors such as low;birth rates and high levels of immigration.;?;Question;10;0 out of;10 points;For the past four decades, there has been;an increase in the number of union members in most of the developed;countries, especially among workers in industrial sectors.;?;Question;11;10 out of;10 points;The vulnerable workforce;?;Question;12;10 out of;10 points;People who go to a foreign country legally;to perform certain types of jobs are known as;?;Question;13;10 out of;10 points;Unionism in the United States has often;been viewed as more;?;Question;14;0 out of;10 points;Global strategic planning is a rigid and;linear process.;?;Question;15;10 out of;10 points;The value chain refers to the set of;value-creating activities that the company is involved with, ranging from;sourcing of basic raw materials to the delivery of final product or service.;?;Question;16;10 out of;10 points;Which of the following defines the purpose;for a company's existence, including its business objectives, and approach;for reaching those objectives?;?;Question;17;10 out of;10 points;When a company is under strong pressure to;adapt its products or services for local markets, it uses a;strategy.;?;Question;18;10 out of;10 points;Without a ___________, the management;cannot formulate the production, financial, and procurement plans.;?;Question;19;0 out of;10 points;are broad guidelines issued;by upper management for the purpose of assisting lower-level managers in;handling recurring problems.;?;Question;20;10 out of;10 points;The top management of companies generally;accepts the fact that, to be effective, strategic planning processes should;permit


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