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Question;?;Question 1;10 out of;10 points;A virtual corporation relies to a great extent on;third parties to conduct its business.;?;Question 2;10 out of;10 points;The process of redesigning organizational;structure, hierarchy, business systems, and processes in order to improve;organizational efficiency is called reengineering.;?;Question 3;10 out of;10 points;Subsidiaries and other operating units of an;international company should report to the headquarters only if there is a;drastic change in the economic environment.;?;Question 4;10 out of;10 points;An organization that coordinates economic;activity to deliver value to customers using resources outside the;traditional boundaries of the organization is known as a;corporation.;?;Question 5;10 out of;10 points;A(n) _________ is a form of organization;characterized by lateral decision processes, lateral relationships, and a;strong corporate-wide business philosophy.;?;Question 6;10 out of;10 points;A situation in which a small loss for a;subsidiary results in a greater gain for the headquarters is termed as _____.;?;Question 7;10 out of;10 points;Market screening is helpful to firms selling in;the domestic market and looking at expansion in the overseas market. It is;not required for firms that are already multinational companies.;?;Question 8;10 out of;10 points;Estimation by analogy is the process of using a;market factor that is successful in one market to estimate demand in a;similar market.;?;Question 9;10 out of;10 points;When historical growth rates are known, future;growth can be forecast by means of trend analysis.;?;Question;10;10 out of;10 points;A firm producing air-conditioners will look for;countries with warm climates to sell its product. This screening is;known as assessing the _____.;?;Question;11;10 out of;10 points;divides objects into groups so that;the variables within each group are similar.;?;Question;12;10 out of;10 points;Even when a company has the capability of being;the first-mover in a market, there are possible advantages to letting others;go first.;?;Question;13;10 out of;10 points;Direct exporting is the exporting of goods and;services through various types of exporters based in the home country, rather;than by the firm itself.;?;Question;14;10 out of;10 points;Indirect exporting is _________________.;?;Question;15;10 out of;10 points;A _____ is an arrangement by which one firm;provides management in all or specific areas to another firm.;?;Question;16;10 out of;10 points;A cooperative effort among two or more;organizations that share a common interest in a business enterprise or;undertaking is known as a(n) _____.;?;Question;17;10 out of;10 points;he basic functions of domestic and international;marketing are the same.;?;Question;18;10 out of;10 points;Pricing is the central focus of the marketing;mix.;?;Question;19;10 out of;10 points;When do marketers offer the same product and use;the same promotional appeals in all markets?;?;Question;20;10 out of;10 points;involves the setting of prices for;goods produced in one country and sold in another.


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