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Question;BUS401 Cases 3,4,5.;BUS401 CASES;Module 3 - Case;The Cultural Environment of International;Business;Assignment Overview;The number one semiconductor company in the;world, Applied Materials, recently merged with the world's number three;semiconductor company, Tokyo Elecktron. The stock prices of both companies went;up significantly after the merger was announced, which shows that investors;welcome this move that may create synergies and help both companies battle;declining revenues in the semiconductor industry. However, even though there;are potential benefits to this merger in terms of operational synergies, the;human side of a merger can often be difficult. Furthermore, Japanese and;American cultures are widely perceived as being extremely different from each;other, which may add to the difficulties in managing the human side of this;merger.;For this assignment, review the following;two articles and do some of your own research on these two companies;McClatchy, S. (Sep 2013) Applied Materials;to merge with Tokyo Electron, Tribune News Service, Washington [Available on;ProQuest];Negishi, M. (Sep 2013) Deal-shy Tokyo;Electron chief pushed for sale to Applied Materials, Tetsuro Higashi's decision;was based on experience watching Japanese peers flounder, Wall Street Journal;(Online), New York, N.Y [Available on ProQuest];MODULE 3 Case Assignment;Once you've finished researching these;companies and reviewing some of the key concepts of cross-cultural management;in the background materials, write a 4- to 5-page paper answering the following;questions;1.What do you think the biggest challenge;in terms of cross-cultural management will be in the merger of these two;companies? Remember to consider the issue of differences in national cultural;values between Japan and the United States.;2.What steps do you recommend be taken to;help ease cultural differences between the two companies?;------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------;MODULE 4 CASE;International Human Resource Management;Assignment Overview;Arik Air is one Nigeria?s largest airlines;and one of the largest airlines in all of Africa. Its employment situation is a;bit unique in that close to 10 percent of its employees are expatriates.;Recruiting and retaining expatriates to work as pilots or other positions in;Nigeria can require higher salaries than are typically paid to local workers.;However, disparities in wages between expatriates and local employees can lead;to resentment. Overall, the human resource situation for a company that;operates globally and hires globally such as Arik Air can be quite complicated.;Do some research on Arik Air and the human;resource situation in Nigeria. Below are a few articles to get you started;Arik Air customer base soars (Jan. 31;2014). Washington. [Available in ProQuest];Nigeria loses N500 billion annually to;expatriate pilots. (Jan. 24, 2014). [Washington] 24 Jan 2014.;Fajana, S., Owoyemi, O., Elegbede, T.;Gbajumo-Sheriff, M. (2011). Human resource management practices in;Nigeria. Journal of Management and Strategy, 2(2), 57.;Now suppose that Arik Airlines has been;purchased by an American company, which now has to develop a plan to address;the issue of hiring and maintaining a well-qualified pilot staff and making all;of Arik?s employees feel welcome under the new American parent company. Also;suppose that you have been tasked with coming up with a solid human resource;plan for the new American owners of Arik Air. You need to make major decisions;such as how much to rely on local staff, how much to rely on employees from the;United States or other countries, and how to deal with the sensitive issue of;how an American company manages local employees who may be resentful of their;new owner. In order to do this, you will need to use what you?ve learned in the;background materials in this module as well as what you?ve learned in the;previous modules about assessing the local environment of a country.;MODULE 4 Case Assignment;In a 4- to 5-page paper, present a;strategic human resource plan considering the following issues;1.The economic/political environment in;Nigeria?how will this influence the difficulty in hiring local staff or;recruiting expatriates to come work in Nigeria? How will this influence your;strategy?;2.Nigeria?s national culture?what;implications will cultural differences between the United States and Nigeria;have on your strategic plan? What difficulties do you anticipate, and how do;you propose to deal with them?;3. How much should the American company;rely on local pilots and managers vs. expatriate pilots and managers? Keep the;issue of potential local resentment of expatriates in mind.;Remember that your paper should reflect an;integration of both what you learned in the background materials about the key;general aspects of international human resource management, and what you?ve;specifically learned about the unique issues involved in managing human;resources in an airline in Nigeria. Your task is to apply the background;materials to the specific issues that would be faced by an American company if;it were to purchase Arik Air.;Assignment Expectations;?Answer the assignment questions directly.;?Stay focused on the precise assignment;questions, don't go off on tangents or devote a lot of space to general background;materials.;?List;supporting references and cite sources in proper format. See this link for;Trident's basic writing guidelines: Student Guide to Writing a High-Quality;Academic Paper.;MODULE 5 CASE;International Market Selection and Market;Entry;Assignment Overview;Zipcar is a highly successful new company;specializing in a brand-new model for automobile rental services, allowing;their customers long-term and flexible access to shared vehicles on a daily or;hourly basis. Zipcar's innovative model allows those who sign up for their;membership services to share cars with other members on a flexible basis;creating a cost effective alternative to car ownership. Since its founding in;2000, it has grown to become a major player in the U.S. automobile rental;market and has expanded internationally to Canada, the U.K., Spain, and;Austria, and offers rental services to almost 1 million customers.;Read the following two articles and do some;of your own additional research on Zipcar;Zipcar expands in Sacramento becoming 26th;major metro market: Based on strong demand, Zipcar increases number of;vehicles, will open office (Nov. 6, 2013) PR Newswire (available on ProQuest);Esswein, P. M. (July, 2011). Zipcar: Robin;Chase. Kiplinger's Personal Finance, 65, 1 (available on ProQuest);Zipcar, Inc., Zipcar acquires leading car;sharing service in Austria, (July 25, 2012). Mergers;Acquisitions Week, 196. (available on ProQuest);MODULE 5 Case Assignment;Now suppose you have been hired by Zipcar;to come up with an international strategic plan. Write a 4- to 5-page strategic;plan for Zipcar that addresses the following issues;1.What country or countries should Zipcar;enter next beyond the five countries they already operate in? Explain your;reasoning for this selection based on criteria from the background materials.;2.What mode of entry should Zipcar use to;enter the country or countries that you chose? For example, should it use a;joint venture, franchising, a greenfield strategy, something else?;Assignment Expectations;?Answer the assignment questions directly.;?Stay focused on the precise assignment;questions, don't go off on tangents or devote a lot of space to general;background materials.;?List supporting references and cite;sources in proper format. See this link for Trident's basic writing guidelines;Student Guide to Writing a High-Quality Academic Paper.


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