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Question;\Read the closing case "Philips NV" on pages 442-443 and answer questions 1- 3 on page 443.The;questions must be answered using an essay format. Submit the paper;following the guidelines of the APA including academic references as;appropriate. References taken from Wikis sites are not;appropriate for this course. References must come from textbooks or;peer-reviewed journals. This is a 300 level course and you are expected;to demonstrate good use of the English language. Spelling and grammar;errors are unacceptable.1-;Why did Philips' organizational structure make;sense in the 1950's and 1970's? Why did this structure start to create problems;for the company in the 1980's?;2-;What was Philips trying to achieve by tilting;the balance of power in its structure away from national organizations and;toward the product divisions? Why was this hard to achieve?;3-;What was the point of the organizational changes;made by Cor Boonstra? What was he trying to achieve?


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