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Question;GPM ? Summer 2014 Class Projects;Project Deliverable Guidelines;Pick;Only One Project.Must be your original;contribution based on personal interviews or literature/product reviews.All references must be;documented and outside page limit.Expected deliverable is;a Word document for 15-20 pages ? single spaced, excluding references and;pictures/graphs. Font size 12.This is a team project.These are all;guidelines. You are welcome to be innovative w.r.t. Approach, contents and;contribution to the body of knowledge.You are expected to analyze;the problem and show unique ness and originality in your paper.;Project 1;Propose a methodology;for knowledge sharing for true global (multi-language, multi-country;multi-culture) projects, consisting of the followings (but not limited to);a. Evaluate;technologies for knowledge sharing;b. Define;rules of knowledge sharing;c. Process;of knowledge sharing;d. How;to promote knowledge sharing;e. Language;issues and translation;f. Cultural;issues;g. Any;other items of your choice;Project 2;Propose a methodology;for governing global projects, consisting of the followings (but not limited;to);a. Define;project governance;b. Defining;global project governance;c. Identify;different elements of global project governance;d. Suggest;a process, methodology and collaterals to govern global projects;Project 3;Propose a methodology;for managing multi-country out sourcing projects, consisting of the followings;(but not limited to);a. Define;global out sourcing;b. Identify;challenges;c. Identify;different elements of global out souring;d. Discuss;current out sourcing situation and future trends;e. Propose;a methodology to manage out sourcing ? focus on communications and culture;Project 4;Financial and;accounting standards or ethics are different by counties. Discuss challenges;faced by a global project manager. You also need to present actionable steps to;address these challenges. (Hint: either discuss financial/accounting or ethics;but not both).;Project 5;Please consider any;other topic relevant to global project managers. Submit a proposal for;pre-approval.


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