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MBA 575 Global Business Management Saint Leo **answers to Discussion questions full 8 weeks**




Question;MBA 575Global Business ManagementSaint LeoModule 1 DiscussionYou are;the CEO of an organization based within the United States and you are;looking to make an investment into a foreign country. Your decision is;based on the various risk considerations as the long-term returns are basically;the same. You have narrowed your search to the following countries, Brazil;India, China, and Russia. Which country would you select, and why did you;make that selection? Explain your answer with a well-constructed and cogent;response.Module 2 DiscussionIs it;ethically defensible to outsource production to a developing nation where labor;costs are lower when such a move would involve the dismissal of employees in;the organization?s home country? Why? Explain your answer in a well-constructed;and persuasive manner.Module 3 DiscussionLabor unions often oppose imports from low-wage;countries as a matter of course. The argument these unions present relates to;the protection of jobs. Do you believe this argument is in the best interest of;the country as a whole? Why? Explain your answer in a well-constructed and;persuasive manner.Module 4 DiscussionThe North;American Free Trade Agreement has been the law since January 1, 1994. Make a;well-constructed and persuasive argument whether you favor or do not favor the;agreement.Module 5 DiscussionYour;book describes the increase in the money supply as being analogous to giving;people more money. If the output of goods and services is not growing at a;similar rate, inflation will eventually occur. According to PPP Theory, what;will happen to the U.S. dollar? Why? Explain your answer in a well-constructed;and persuasive manner.Module 6 DiscussionWhat are;the main keys to making an alliance work? Why? Explain your answer in a;well-constructed and persuasive manner.Module 7 DiscussionAn;essential issue in international business is determining which components to manufacture;in-house and which to outsource to independent suppliers. Is outsourcing a good;idea? Explain your answer in a persuasive way.Module 8 Discussion;Your text describes three approaches to staffing;policy: ethnocentric, polycentric, and geocentric. When is each approach;appropriate? Explain your answer.


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