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Question;Need help with research paper.The requirements are as follows:Write a report on one of the major topics listed below and incorporate at least five other related empirical studies of your choice.? Intercultural management and multiculturalism on a domestic and global scale? Diversity approaches in the workplace in the United States and the legislation surrounding it? The opportunities and challenges of managing a diverse workforce? Diversity with respect to differences such as gender, race, and nationality in a domestic and global workplace? Adaptation in an intercultural, multicultural, and multi-diverse business environment? Models of culture classifications? Business practices from cultures around the world? Approaches to culture in the workplace in the United States and globally? Diversity in a multicultural, intercultural and diverse business environmentThe report must: (a) identify the main issues in;the chosen area, (b) contain and reference new learning that has occurred, (c);build upon class activities or incidents that facilitated learning and;understanding, and (d) present specific current and/or future applications and;relevance to the typical workplace. The research report should also focus on real-life, real-time application of topics covered in this course: the uses you have seen and the uses you can envision.The research report? must be 8 to 10 double-spaced pages in length (not including the title page, table of contents, and references page),Course book: Cullen, J.B., & Parboteeah, K.P. (2014). Multinational management: A strategic?? approach (6th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning??


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