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Case 5: International Financial Management




Question;Case 5: International Financial Management;International airlines always receive a large portion of their revenues from a variety of different currencies due to their international reach and global range of customers. Furthermore, their risk may depend on political/economic developments in other countries. Furthermore airlines need to purchase oil at world market prices, and oil is one of their largest single costs.;El Al Airlines in particular is in a risky business in a risky part of the world. Read the following articles on El Al Airlines and do some of your own research on El Al;Steinblatt, R. (May 3, 2013) El Al makes $17.3m gain on currency hedges, Tribune Business News, Washington [Available on Proquest];Solomon, S. (2013) El Al Says Fimi to Invest as Much as $75 Million for Stake, Bloomberg News,;Case Assignment;After researching El Al Airlines and reviewing the background materials on international financial management, write a four to five page paper addressing the following questions;1. What recent major events do you think El Al's financial management team need to worry about the most?;2. What strategies can El Al employ to guard against their main international financial risks?;3. Would you personally invest in El Al Airlines? Explain your reasoning and use their international financial risks and their efforts to hedge against these risks as part of your answer.;Assignment Expectations;Answer the assignment questions directly;Stay focused on the precise assignment questions, don't go off on tangents or devote a lot of space to general background materials;List supporting references and cite sources in proper format;Use appropriate writing style in essay form (organization, grammar, & spelling- see Writing Guidelines).


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