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Question;ECOM541 E-Commerce;Marketing Management;E-Commerce Course;Project;Purpose;The purpose of the Course Project is to;demonstrate mastery of Terminal Course Objectives by developing a Marketing;Plan for an E-commerce website.;The E-commerce website your select for the;Marketing Plan can be a real company or one you create for the purpose of the;assignment. This can be a business-to-consumer company, or a;business-to-business company. You may select any industry of personal interest;as long as the primary business of the company is selling products or services;online.;For an existing company or for one you;create, make the assumption you have a budget sufficient to recommend whatever;marketing programs you deem appropriate to reaching your target audience.;Remember that a Marketing Plan is not a business plan. You do not need to;explain how to create a company or an E-commerce website. You do not to raise capital or make sales;projections. Instead, assume you have a functioning E-commerce site that;requires an annual Marketing Plan to sustain your existing business and to;expand for the future.;The;E-Commerce Marketing Plan;The main focus of this plan is to describe how;you will market your E-commerce business to prospects and to customers. While certain principles apply to all E-commerce;marketing, tailor your marketing plan to your unique target audience. For;example, you would use different online marketing techniques to reach college;students than you would to reach older adults preparing for retirement. Your;Marketing Plan should provide specific examples of how you can reach your;target audience, by describing techniques you can use to achieve these key;strategic objectives;?;Reach and acquire new customers;?;Provide superior service to;existing customers;?;Encourage regular site visits;and additional sales;?;Measure the results of your;marketing programs;?;Brand your company;Explain how your company might use many of;these or other specific online marketing techniques in order to accomplish the;key objectives listed above;?;Search Engine Optimization;?;Paid Keyword Search Marketing;?;Affiliate Marketing;?;Reciprocal Links;?;Email Marketing;?;Online Advertising;?;Social Networking;?;Blogs;?;Widgets;Proposed;E-Commerce Marketing Plan Outline;While the contents of an E-commerce;Marketing Plan are unique to each company, here is the suggested outlinefor your Course Project. Your;outline might differ slightly depending on your chosen company but should cover;these key areas (The %?s by each one show the relative importance of each;section.);1.;Executive Summary ? a brief description of your eBusiness with a short;summary of your marketing niche and Unique Selling Proposition. (5 %);2.;Market Summary/Target Audience(s);? a description of the main market you serve and the details of the target;markets that you plan to reach (demographics, psychographics, lifestyles;unique characteristics, trends, etc.) (20;%);3.;Competition ? a detailed summary of who your chief;competitors are, what type of web sites they maintain, and how your strategy;will position your company and its products/services against them. (20 %);4.;Specific Marketing Strategies ? the heart of your plan, showing how you;will use specific online marketing techniques (as noted above) to successfully;market your E-Commerce business. (30 %);5.;Measuring Success - what are the specific criteria you will use;to measure the results and success of your E-Commerce Marketing plan ? such as;clickthroughs on certain pages, online transactions, number of email addresses;captured each day, etc. (15 %);6.;Summary - finally, your plan;should incorporate a wrap-up of your ideas by summarizing key thoughts, goals;strategy and implementation. How you plan to meet timing objectives;should also be summarized at this time. Also, recommendations as to future;enhancements and additions can be part of this last section. (10 %)


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