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Question;? Type: Individual;? Format: Report;? Value: 50%;? Word limit: 2500 words (variation within 10% more or less is allowed);? Due: To be announced;Aims;This activity is a platform to sharpen and demonstrate your knowledge and;analytical skills in international business. This assessment also;provides you with opportunities to link the international business;theories with the practice.;Assignment background;One;of the important decisions that businesses need to make in its;internationalisation is to choose an appropriate entry mode to foreign markets.;Imagine you are working for a Singapore company listed on Singapore Exchange (see;below for more details) and have been asked to expand the company?s product/service;to Australia. Your task is to choose the most appropriate entry mode for your;company based on your analysis on a range of related factors.;Which company shall I choose for this;assignment?;A;list of Singapore companies will be provided to you inside the Blackboard of;this course. You may choose any one of the companies from the list to do your;assignment. The list comprises firms incorporated in Singapore and listed in Singapore;Exchange (SGX). This will give you easy accesses to the information that you;will need to complete this assignment, such as the company?s profile, annual;report, financial performance etc.;What products/services of the company;should I focus on?;Most;of the given companies have more than one segment of products/services. In this;assignment, you ONLY need to focus on one;product/service of the company.;Assignment question;What is the most appropriate market;entry mode, and why?;In;this assignment, you need to choose the most suitable entry mode for the chosen;company and MUST justify itby analysing the followings;?;Company analysis: justify your choice of entry mode by;analysing the company?s resources and the nature of its main products/services;?;Context analysis: justify your choice of entry mode by;considering the cultural, legal, political, economic and market environments;related to the product/service in the target (Australian) market;?;Scale analysis: why do you think your choice of the;entry mode suits the company in terms of scale, risk level, return level;control level and integration level (level of integrating with local market)?;Format;This assessment task should be presented asa reportand should include the following;sections;?;Title;page (title of your report, your name, student number and word count);?;Introduction;(up to 200 words);?;Entry;mode and Analysis (what is the most suitable entry mode and why ? you can make;your own sub-headings in this section);?;Conclusion;(up to 200 words);? Reference List (is excluded from word;counts);Other requirements;l A minimum offive(5)academic journal articles must be used in your report.;l;The;assignment must be well-structured and well-presented.;l The clarity of expressions together;with the appropriate use of grammar, spelling and punctuations are important to;maintain.;l Any use of comments, information, data;or quotations from any sources (books, journals, newspapers, web etc.) must be;cited using Harvard referencing;style.;l The 12 point font in Times New Roman;should be used throughout. Appropriate spacing (1.5 lines) and margins on all;sides (at least 2 cm) need to be maintained.;l Number each page.;Guidelines;1.;The;core of this assignment is to assess your level of mastery of the subject;matters and your analytical skills in relation to market entry modes. Being;descriptive is NOT appropriate for this assignment.;2.;Keep;the Introduction and Conclusion short (maximum 200 words each) and focus on the;entry mode analysis.;Assessment Criteria;?;Level of mastery of the subject matters;?;Quality of analysis and justification;?;Academic writing clarity, logic and skills;?;Quality, relevance and sufficiency of references;?;Format;?;Presentation


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