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Question;Part;I;You;are planning to expand your fast-food hamburger franchise internationally and;have decided to open in the United Arab Emeritus, Israel, Mexico and China.;Knowing that all of these countries and its people have different cultures;customs, beliefs, values and attitudes that are unique to their country and;different from that of the United States, consider how this would impact your;fast-food business. What are some of the considerations to keep in mind;concerning how these different social and religious values and cultures;have on food preparation and eating, the social behaviors to be sensitive to;regarding employees and customers, the type of trainings that will be required;the work attitudes and behaviors, and any ethical standards that you may need;to develop? Are the attitudes in these countries individualistic or collective?;Part;II;If;you were to send your top managers to these countries, what type of cultural;shock should they expect? How would you help them alleviate this stress?;Provide a few examples from each country.;Part;III;In;many countries, ?expeditors? can help you cut through layers of bureaucracy so;that you can get your business done or done faster. Expeditors are normally;paid for what they do, and they may ask you to help finance other expeditors;within these countries that will help move your business request through the;system faster. The methods that are being used could ultimately be unethical;illegal, or maybe not at all.;How would you go about making sure the practice of an;expeditor is legal?Would you approve a paid transaction requested by an;expeditor if it was acceptable in the country, but unethical back in the;United States? (defend your position) What business ethics are involved in;your decision making process?


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