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Question;1. Which of the following is an example;of a distribution metric used for measuring the performance of marketing plans?;Stock cover in days;Customer acquisition;Effective reach;Market share;2. To protect a creative work from being;published in any other manner, a company or author would ____________ the;material.;trademark;patent;copyright;freelance;3. A ________ is a comprehensive;systematic, independent, and periodic examination of a company's or business;unit's marketing environment, objectives, strategies, and activities, with a;view to determining problem areas and opportunities and recommending a plan of;action to improve the company's marketing performance.;marketing plan;market-based scorecard analysis;marketing metric;marketing audit;4. ______ is an obligation to act;in a way expected of a reasonable person.;Liability;Reliance;Duty;Litigation;5. Which characteristic of a;marketing audit is described by the methodical evaluation of the macro- and;micromarketing environments, objectives and strategies, system, and activities?;Systematic;Comprehensive;Periodic;Independent;6. Marketing effectiveness rating;instruments and marketing audits are approaches to;annual-plan control;strategic control;profitability control;efficiency control;7. A Gucci bag sells for $120 in;Italy and $240 in the United States due to the differences in the costs of;distributing the product in the two countries. This phenomenon is called a(n);market pricing problem;opportunity cost problem;price escalation problem;tactical pricing problem;8. Rising customer expectations;evolving employee goals and ambitions, and tighter government legislation and;pressure are driving companies to;manage shorter supply chains;operate leaner manufacturing facilities;operate flatter organizations;practice a higher level of corporate;social responsibility;9. Which of the following is true;regarding a marketing audit?;It focuses on a firm?s macromarketing;environment.;It relies on feedback from company;managers for data and opinions.;It focuses on analysis of those;marketing activities that have failed to produce adequate results.;It identifies the most-needed;improvements and incorporates them into a corrective-action plan with short-;and long-run steps.;10. The marketing audit reviews;six components of the overall marketing arena including the marketing;environment, marketing strategy, marketing organization, marketing systems;marketing productivity and;marketing control;marketing development;marketing mix;marketing function;11. A PR practitioner may be;subject to conspiracy in these situations: when the practitioner participates;in illegal action, counsels or guides the illegal policy, takes part in it, or;imagines illegal policy may occur;cooperates to further illegal action;unknowingly works with a corrupt agency;uncovers illegal action;12. Which of the following is;likely to be an important trend in marketing in the future?;Mass marketing;Marketing intuition;Manual marketing;Marketing science;13. Which of the following is an;example of a communication metric used for measuring the performance of;marketing plans?;Response rate;New customer gains;Trial rate;Sales growth;14. ________ is the process by;which firms assess the effects of their marketing activities and programs and;make necessary changes and adjustments.;Marketing control;Marketing implementation;Market watch;Test marketing;15. Which of the following refers;to the ability to meet humanity's needs without harming future generations?;Scalability;Greenwashing;Sustainability;Ecological footprinting;16. Straight extension of the;product means;introducing a customized product to the;foreign market with existing marketing strategy;introducing the product to the foreign;market with major changes to the product;introducing the product to the foreign;market without any changes to the product;introducing a customized product to the;foreign market with a new marketing strategy;17. The purpose of profitability;control is to;examine where the company is making and;losing money;examine whether the company is pursuing;its best opportunities with respect to markets, products, and channels;evaluate and improve the spending;efficiency and impact of marketing expenditures;understand the efficiency of the sales;force, advertising, sales promotion, and distribution;18. The purpose of strategic;control is to;examine whether the company is pursuing;its best opportunities with respect to markets, products, and channels;understand the efficiency of the sales;force, advertising, sales promotion, and distribution;evaluate and improve the spending;efficiency and impact of marketing expenditures;examine where the company is making and;losing money;19. Your firm has decided to enter;the international market with your product called Trema, a combination of a;pocket organizer and cell phone. Even though the product has been a huge;success in the home country, market research suggests some changes may be;required before it can be introduced in Europe. Your CMO is of the opinion that;the product requires certain extra features and the product will also have to;be marketed differently. Your CMO is advocating;straight extension;forward adaptation;product standardization;dual adaptation;20. Cadbury's "Sports for;Schools" promotion offered sports and fitness equipment for schools in;exchange for vouchers. The problem was that the public and media saw a perverse;incentive for children to eat more chocolate, a product associated with;obesity. Which of the following best summarizes Cadbury's problem?;Customers felt that the cause was not in;sync with the company?s brand image.;Consumers did not value the cause;Cadbury was promoting.;Consumers resented being sold an;inferior product on the back of a cause-marketing program.;Customers questioned the link between;the product and the cause and saw the firm as self-serving and exploitive.;21. A marketing audit is typically;best conducted by a(n);internal marketing executive;internal department;self-audit;outside consultant


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