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Trent university-ADMN 2100h/A (Marketing-Part I) ?Winter Final Exam-1. In the context of MIS, businesses see marketing..




Question;Trent universityDepartment of Business Administration;ADMN 2100h/A (Marketing-Part I) ?Winter Final Exam (April;15, 2014);Time Allowed;Two Hours;Instructions;The exam is divided intotwo sections: the first section isshort answer essays (20 marks) and the second islong answer (argument) essay (10;marks). In;the first section, you are to answer10 out of12 questions. In the;second section, you are tochoose one essay out of two.;Note:EACH;SECTION OF THE EXAMMUST;BEANSWERED IN ASEPARATE;BOOKLET.;Section [1];Answer the following (10) out of (12) questions (one hour);1.;In the;context of MIS (marketing information system), businesses see marketing research as the best tool to;acquire information about the macro-environment;shaping their markets/customers. True/False? Justify your answer.;2.;To effectively;communicate with its customers, Beats (an audio-tech. brand) sponsored ?cool? sports and music celebrities (e.g. LeBron James and Lady;GaGa). This indicates that the brand segments its market/customers using behavioural;variables. True/False? Justify your answer.;3.;From a;strategic perspective, a company should drop;a brand/product off its portfolio;if it is a [???] on the BCG?s matrix.;True/False? Justify your answer.;4. The B2C;model of consumer behaviour portrays consumers? needs and wants as two different types of consumer demand.;True/False? Justify your answer.;5.;Using;examples, explain the difference between the role of Retro-marketing and that of Packaging;in the innovative process of new;product development?;6.;In the;context of strategic pricing, the McDonalds?;?combo? meal is an example of an economic pricing strategy. True/false?;Justify your answer.;7.;The Harry;Potter film series [Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter;and the Prisoner of Azkaban, etc.];have managed to deepen the portfolio;of Harry Potter?s product in the movie market. True/false? Justify your answer.;8.;In the;context of product classification, the elite;positioning of ?Stella Artois? in the beer market can classify it as a ?special?product. True/false? Justify;your answer.;9.;Manufacturers;of B2B products are more inclined to adopt the concept of Relationship Marketing(RM) than those;of FMCGs. True/False? Justify your;answer using examples.;10. In the context of services marketing, explain, using an example, the difference between the role of the ?Process? in the ?serv-uction? of a service and its role as the ?embedded essence? of a service?;11. From a strategic perspective, brands serving;a niche segment should adopt an exclusive distribution strategy. True/false? Justify your answer.;12. In the context;of social marketing, advertising is seen as the most effective;marketing communication tool.;True/False? Justify your answer.;Section;[2]: answer (1) out of (2) questions (one hour);When answering;you should use theory, examples and references?if possible.;The essay has to be coherent and has an introduction, a body, and;a conclusion.;Please write the selected question letter (A or B) clearly in the empty space on the external cover;of the answer booklet.;A.;?In;context of Macro-marketing, the shift towards a more sustainable consumption calls for the adoption of more qualitative than quantitative approaches;to marketing research. Critically;assess the validity of this statement in light of thecharacteristics and tools of each approach.;B.;?When;going global, adopting a Mass-Customization strategy needs a well-balanced utilization of both Relationship Marketing (RM) and Transactional;Marketing (TM) paradigms. Critically;assess the validity of this statement in light of the operating differencesbetween bothparadigms.


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