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Question;The objective of the Course Project is to demonstrate mastery of all of the TCOs through the development of an integrated marketing communications (IMC) campaign.The IMC campaign will support the development of a brand in the marketplace. Either an existing brand or a brand created by the student can be selected for the assignment. The student will develop a plan and a promotional mix (advertising, direct marketing, Internet marketing, sales promotion, and public relations campaigns) and provide these in a rough draft form, followed by the completion of a final report and PowerPoint presentation based on the final report.A successful IMC campaign depends on an understanding of the target customer, the brand, and the integration of a promotional mix that delivers a consistent brand message at every touch point the customer has with the brand.Guidelines/Grading RubricsBack to TopImportant:You are not required to invest time in developing a business idea or a business plan. However, it is important to develop an IMC campaign that will help the organization achieve corporate goals and marketing objectives. The cost of the IMC campaign should not exceed the expected increase in sales. Your IMC campaign should include the following.Identify the Brand in the Topic ProposalSelect a brand.Describe the brand and underlying brand concept (the brand concept for Disney has been described as "family magic"?every product, service, and promotional tool must fit with this).What is the brand problem that needs to be solved (e.g., increase awareness)?Target market?what is the profile of the typical customer (demographics, lifestyle, usage pattern)?The IMC PlanCorporate growth objectivesAnalysis of the promotional program situationCommunications goals and objectivesBudget determinationOverview of IMC promotional mixMonitoring, evaluating, and controlling the IMC processPromotional MixEach promotional mix tool and campaign requires an objective, a budget, a message strategy, a media plan and artwork.AdvertisingInternet marketingDirect marketingSales promotionPublic relationsFinal ReportStudents will incorporate the rough drafts of the IMC plan and individual campaigns, as well as any feedback, and revise, edit, and proofread a final report. References will be provided in APA format.PowerPointStudents will provide a 10?15 slide PowerPoint presentation.The process involved in the development of an IMC campaign is reflected in the following graphic:Click to viewTranscript.Course ProjectPoints%DescriptionIMC Program: Topic Proposal509%A two-page document outlining:Selected brandDescription of the brandIdentification of the brand problem that needs to be solvedIdentification of target market characteristicsIMC Program: Plan10018%A two- to three-page document outlining:Corporate growth objectivesAnalysis of the promotional program situationCommunications goals and objectivesBudgetOverview of IMC promotional mixMonitoring, evaluation, and control.IMC Program: Rough Drafts (five) of Individual Promotional Mix Tools25045%A two- to three-page document outlining:AdvertisingInternet marketingDirect marketingSales promotionPublic relationsEach promotional mix tool requires objective, budget, message, media strategy, media plan and artwork.Final Report509%Final Draft: Revise, edit, and provide a final polished report incorporating the following.Cover pageExecutive summaryIntroductionIMC planAdvertising campaignInternet marketing campaignDirect marketing campaignSales promotion campaignPublic relations campaignOverview of recommended program and budgetConclusionsPage numbersAPA format for sourcesPresentation10019%PowerPoint Presentation: Your presentation should include 10?15 slides based on the final report. Slides should follow appropriate guidelines for a formal presentation.Total550100%Assignment should meet or exceed the guidelines described above.


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