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The Brand Called You




Question;Paper and;Presentation PowerPoint Due: December 14th by noon CST;WebEx;Presentation Due: Before December 15th;Tom;Peters of Fast Company once wrote an article entitled The Brand Called;You that described how we all build and manage our own personal brands;through the years. As a student in an entry-level marketing course, it is time;to start thinking about the brand that you are building for yourself. How will;your brand match up with what employers are looking to hire when you are done?;What characteristics make your brand stand out from another person?s brand?;Your;final project in this course is to develop a personal marketing plan for your;brand that will help you successfully market yourself to potential employers.;Your project will consist of the following;Part 1: Situation Analysis ? 25 pts.;?;Internal assessment (Relevant interests;abilities, education, experience, personality, desired job environment;personal goals, strengths and weaknesses);?;External analysis (Cultural, political;economic, social, and/or technological trends that have an impact on you or;your career goals);?;Competitive analysis (What makes them;different? Same? What opportunities and threats do you see based on others that;desire the same career?;?;Market analysis ? What potential market;segments (i.e. healthcare, sports, etc.) match your brand? How do you fit;seamlessly into these areas?;Part 2: Focus & Goal Setting ? 25 pts.;?;Objectives (What are your plans for the;future? Where do you want to be? Make them specific);?;Target Market (What types of people and;businesses are you targeting? What demographic, geographic, behavioristic, and;psychographic information supports your target market?);Part 3: Marketing Mix (4 P?s) ? 25 pts.;?;Product ? Do you recognize how you can satisfy;the needs and wants of your target market? Match up your product attributes to;those needs.;?;Price ? What is your desired salary package;(salary plus other compensation) that you believe is appropriate for your;brand?;?;Place ? What channels are you going to use to;reach your target market?;?;Promotion ? How will you use the promotional;mix to generate awareness, interest, desire, and action from your target;market?;Deliverable #1: The Paper;You will be compiling all three parts of your marketing plan into;a final paper and presentation to be given at the end of the semester;?;At;least 10 full pages (not including the bibliography) and no more than 15 full;pages.;?;o;Must;include an introduction (executive summary), a section for each of the parts (1;through 3), conclusion/closing remarks, and a bibliography.;?;Minimum;12 pt. font with 1.5 spacing throughout the paper.;?;Margins;? 1 inch top, bottom, right & left.;?;o;Your;name (1 inch down from the top of the paper);o;Title;centered;o;Second;and sub sequential pages ? your last name and page number in the heading?s;upper right corner;?;The;bibliography of references should be done in MLA document. You can use this;website to help convert your resources into the proper MLA format (


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