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Question;Question 1;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Questions such as "How often would you buy this;product?" and "Which features are of little or no interest to;you?" are often proposed during;Question 2;6 out of 6 points;Correct;The main characteristic of a ____ is that customers are;satisfied to the point that they use a service repeatedly over a period of;time.;Question 3;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Three major ways in which marketers engage in product;differentiation are;Question 4;6 out of 6 points;Correct;During which stage of new-product development does the firm;consider profitability?;Question 5;6 out of 6 points;Correct;The degree to which the price of a product enhances a;customer's satisfaction with the purchase experience and with the product after;the purchase is part of their;Question 6;6 out of 6 points;Correct;What do all of the following have in common: tuition, fee;premium, retainer, dues?.;Question 7;6 out of 6 points;Correct;When marketers emphasize price as an issue and match or beat;the prices of other companies, they are using;Question 8;6 out of 6 points;Correct;What a price means or what it communicates to customers is;called;Question 9;6 out of 6 points;Correct;When a company prices one item in a line low with the;intention of selling a higher-priced item in the same line, it is using;Question 10;6 out of 6 points;Correct;A firm establishes which of the following pricing objectives;to maintain or increase its product's sales in relation to total industry;sales?;Question 11;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Price leaders, comparison discounting, and special-event;pricing are applications of;Question 12;6 out of 6 points;Correct;A product that has more features than those of its;competition, or that is perceived to be of higher quality, warrants using which;type of pricing strategy?;Question 13;0 out of 6 points;Incorrect;Many companies use more than one marketing channel to;distribute their products to the same target market, a tactic called;Question 14;6 out of 6 points;Correct;What is the most expensive physical distribution function?;Answer;Question 15;0 out of 6 points;Incorrect;Because of the significant investment many companies have in;the products they sell to customers, they must develop and maintain adequate;varieties of products to meet their customers' needs. This is called;Question 16;6 out of 6 points;Correct;The contracting of physical distribution tasks to third;parties who do not have managerial authority within the marketing channel is;known as;outsourcing.;Question 17;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Merchant wholesalers who specialize in just a few functions;and pass others along to other intermediaries or customers are called;Question 18;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Which of the following is a full-service merchant;wholesaler?;Question 19;6 out of 6 points;Correct;An agent that receives goods on consignment from local;sellers and negotiates sales in large, central markets is called a;Question 20;6 out of 6 points;Correct;If a store has areas for men's apparel, women's apparel;housewares, cosmetics, and jewelry and competes mostly on the basis of service;it is a(n)


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