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Question;Question 1;6 out of 6 points;Correct;The process of putting one's thoughts (meaning) into signs;(symbols) is called;Question 2;6 out of 6 points;Correct;When encoding the message, the source should use signs that;have;Question 3;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Sweepstakes, free samples, coupons, and rebates are examples;of;Question 4;6 out of 6 points;Correct;A person, group, or organization that has a meaning it;intends and attempts to share with a receiver or an audience is a;Question 5;6 out of 6 points;Correct;The receiver's response to a message is ____ for the source.;Question 6;6 out of 6 points;Correct;A paid form of nonpersonal communication about an;organization and/or its products that is transmitted to a target audience;through a mass medium is;Question 7;6 out of 6 points;Correct;The individual or group that decodes a coded message is;called a;Question 8;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Paid personal communication that seeks to inform customers;and persuade them to purchase products in an exchange situation is;Question 9;6 out of 6 points;Correct;During the decoding process, the;Question 10;6 out of 6 points;Correct;A consumer contest is an example of;Question 11;6 out of 6 points;Correct;An advertising campaign is typically developed by an;individual or a few persons within the firm, an advertising department within;the organization, or;Question 12;6 out of 6 points;Correct;What design element is used to attract attention;communicate an idea quickly, or communicate ideas that are difficult to put;into words?;Question 13;6 out of 6 points;Correct;An advertising platform is the;Question 14;6 out of 6 points;Correct;A list of the exact magazines, newspapers, and television;stations in which an advertisement will appear, along with the dates and times;is a(n);Question 15;6 out of 6 points;Correct;In many instances the most appropriate way for a firm to;cope with an event that leads to negative public relations is to;Question 16;6 out of 6 points;Correct;An evaluation performed before an advertising campaign;begins is a;Question 17;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Advertising that aims to create a more favorable view of a;company as a whole in the eyes of various stakeholders is called;advertising.;Question 18;6 out of 6 points;Correct;The most effective method of determining platform issues is;to use a survey of;Question 19;6 out of 6 points;Correct;When the CEO or chief financial officer of a company states;how much the company should spend on advertising for the coming period, the;company is using the;Question 20;6 out of 6 points;Correct;If a company calls a meeting to announce a major news event;this is known as a;Question 21;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Retail salespeople are classified as;Question 22;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Creating a favorable impression and developing rapport with;prospective customers is a critical part of the ____ step of personal selling.;Question 23;6 out of 6 points;Correct;A support salesperson who usually advises customers on;product characteristics and application, system design, and installation;procedures is a(n);Question 24;0 out of 6 points;Incorrect;In which of the following does the salesperson join with;people from the firm's financial, engineering, and other functional areas to;engage in the personal selling process?;Question 25;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Developing a list of potential customers is called;Question 26;6 out of 6 points;Correct;The ____ stage of the personal selling process is when the;salesperson asks the prospect to buy the product.;Question 27;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Company sales records, commercial databases, newspaper;announcements, telephone directories, and public records are all sources used;for;Question 28;6 out of 6 points;Correct;The step of the personal selling process in which a;salesperson contacts a potential customer is called;Question 29;6 out of 6 points;Correct;During the personal selling process, a salesperson, if;possible, should handle objections when;Question 30;6 out of 6 points;Correct;The two groups of order takers in personal selling are;Answer


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