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Question;Question 1;6 out of 6 points;Correct;An unplanned buying behavior resulting from a powerful urge;to buy something immediately is called;Question 2;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Consumers tend to remember information inputs that support;their feelings and beliefs and forget inputs that do not. This is known as;selective;Question 3;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Perception is a three-step process that involves;Question 4;6 out of 6 points;Correct;In the process of perception, individuals receive sensations;through sight, sound, taste, smell, and hearing. These sensations are called;Question 5;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Most business purchases can be classified as belonging to;one of three types;Question 6;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Business markets are typically divided into four categories.;These categories are;Question 7;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Inelastic demand in business markets refers to a situation;where;Question 8;6 out of 6 points;Correct;is(are) a major threat to the sales success of jointly;demanded products.;Question 9;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Differences in standards of living, credit, buying power;and income distribution are all examples of ____ forces that must be considered;in international marketing efforts.;Question 10;6 out of 6 points;Correct;A limit on the amount of goods an importing country will;accept for certain product categories during a specified time period is called;a(n);Question 11;6 out of 6 points;Correct;A business partnership between a domestic firm and a foreign;firm is known as;Question 12;6 out of 6 points;Correct;The exchange rates of several European countries are linked;together to a common currency, the;Question 13;6 out of 6 points;Correct;As a result of the increasing usage of digital media, some;of the marketer's control over dispensing product information has been placed;Question 14;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Anyone who becomes a member of MySpace, Twitter, Facebook;or other social networking sites is a;Question 15;6 out of 6 points;Correct;The most popular video-sharing website is;Question 16;6 out of 6 points;Correct;are computer-based online simulated environments that;involve participants.;Answer;Question 17;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Question 18;6 out of 6 points;Correct;A product that is simply labeled with the product category;is considered a;Question 19;6 out of 6 points;Correct;packaging means that the product is packaged in line;with the packaging practices associated with a particular product category.;Question 20;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Which stage of the product life cycle is characterized by;intense competition?


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