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Question;Question 1;6 out of 6 points;Correct;According to the text, a market is defined as;Question 2;6 out of 6 points;Correct;The term "____" describes measuring and evaluating;a firm's quality in products and processes against industry leaders.;Question 3;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Key factors in determining the best organizational structure;for a marketing unit are the;Question 4;6 out of 6 points;Correct;An analysis of ____ examines internal factors that give the;organization certain advantages and disadvantages in meeting the needs of its;target markets.;Question 5;6 out of 6 points;Correct;A firm's unique symbols, personalities, and philosophies;comprise its;Question 6;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Electronic marketing has greatly improved the ability of;marketers to target individual customers. As a result, many feel that;marketing's emphasis is shifting from share of market to share of;Question 7;6 out of 6 points;Correct;An organization's business goals should be derived from its;Answer;Question 8;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Customer relationship management is facilitated by gathering;useful data from;Question 9;6 out of 6 points;Correct;A ____ is something that an organization does extremely well;and may give a company an advantage over its competition.;Question 10;6 out of 6 points;Correct;involves giving customer-contact employees the;authority and responsibility to make marketing decisions without seeking the;approval of a supervisor.;Question 11;6 out of 6 points;Correct;What national self-regulatory organization screens ads?;Question 12;6 out of 6 points;Correct;When a firm has many potential competitors and tries to;develop a marketing strategy to differentiate its products from the;competitors' products, a(n) ____ structure exists in the competitive;environment.;Question 13;6 out of 6 points;Correct;The accumulation of past income, natural resources, and;financial resources is known as;Question 14;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Which of the following agencies regulates marketing;activities the most?;Question 15;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Consumerism is a;Question 16;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Assuming that inflation is low, high buying power;characterizes the ____ stage of the business cycle.;Answer;Question 17;6 out of 6 points;Correct;Total buying power declines during periods of economic;Question 18;6 out of 6 points;Correct;The 1990 Nutritional Labeling and Education Act directly;prohibits;Question 19;6 out of 6 points;Correct;To monitor changes in the marketing environment effectively;marketers must engage in;Question 20;6 out of 6 points;Correct;During which stage of the business cycle is unemployment low;and total income relatively high?


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