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I need to ensure that my Balance Sheet and Income...




I need to ensure that my Balance Sheet and Income Statement are correct and need to complete a Cash Flow Statement. The current text books for this course are not helpful. I knew this assignment was going to take awhile to do and have struggled with it from Thursday to today. This is for my homework assignment that is due Tuesday 5/29. Can anyone help me?,Thank you so much.,Hello Michael, I've continued to work on my cash flow and have added in some more information attached.,Thank you. Now I just need to see what I missed and make sure I don't miss it again. The book that we have has nothing about the balance sheet, income statement or cash flow statement. It only focused on Risk and Return, Cost of Capital, Required Return, Capital Budgeting and Global Financing. I had to pull my books from my undergraduate studies to put the statements together. I may have a few more questions about some of the calculations. Thank you again.,I've got a question on the Balance Sheet under Assets under Property/Plant/Equipment - I put Facility as the title instead of having building and other titles separately. I think I had the estimated value of the facility as $5,000,000 but you put in 60,000,000 - why? Is this the 60,000,000 from the initial outlay? Should I have a different title in this area?,Thank you. Should I change the label from Facility to Initial Outlay? I will post a new set of questions for reviewing NPV and helping me understand what to do with Short-term debt in my WACC calculation.,Thank you. I already posted the new set of questions under finance.


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