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kaplan mt450 unit 5 and unit 9 quiz




Question;quizesQuestion 1.1.A market structure analysis is used to better understand the: (Points: 2) environment.Question 2.2.A typical marketing planning horizon is: (Points: 2)one month.six year.five years.Question 3.3.According to the needs hierarchy theory, basic human needs such as food, sleep, and water are examples of ________ needs. (Points: 2)physiologicalsafetyegosocialQuestion 4.4.The value proposition offered by the competitors and the marketing mix used by them will most likely fall under which of the following parts of the competitor analysis? (Points: 2)determination of the competitors' major objectivesassessment of the competitors' current marketing strategiesassessment of the competitors' strengths and weaknessesinternal analysis of your firm's strengths and weaknesses relative to the competitorsQuestion 5.5.Which of the following refers to one particular product segment of a particular industry? (Points: 2)a product brand.a product variant.a product type.a product class.Question 6.6.When marketing managers select a market segment to pursue, it is called: (Points: 2)segmenting the market.selecting the target market.selecting the right product.selective distribution.Question 7.7.Which of the following types of competition can be defined as products or services that the customer views as fulfilling the same need? (Points: 2)product form competitionproduct category competitiongeneric competitionbudget competitionQuestion 8.8.According to the needs hierarchy theory, friendship, affection, acceptance by reference groups are examples of ________ needs. (Points: 2)physiologicalsocialegoself-actualizationQuestion 9.9.Which of the following types of competition is based on products that have similar features and provide the same basic function? (Points: 2)product class or product categoryproduct formgenericbudgetQuestion 10.10.Conni is a marketing manager for a paper manufacturer. Many customers are identified as a straight rebuy. Which of the following is an example of a straight rebuy? (Points: 2)frequently purchased routine purchases such as printer tonerupgrading the local intranet with new technologiespurchasing the first local intranet for a small businessroutine purchases that have changed in some way such as air travelQuestion 11.11.Tim is the marketing manager of a toy company. He is segmenting the market via psychographics. Which of the following is an example of a psychographic variable? (Points: 2)religionlifestylesocial classdensityQuestion 12.12.Which of the following best describes upgrading the existing copier to take advantage of new technology? (Points: 2)straight rebuy situationmodified rebuy situationnew-task situationrepetition purchaseQuestion 13.13.With reference to the chasm model, the term visionaries refers to: (Points: 2)innovators.early majority.early adopters.late majority.Question 14.14.What type of competition can destroy entire product categories when a major innovation occurs, so it requires attention, especially for long-run planning? (Points: 2)Product formProduct categoryGenericBudgetQuestion 15.15.An analysis in which the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and their current and likely future strategies are examined is known as competitor analysis. (Points: 2)TrueFalseQuestion 16.16.According to the needs hierarchy theory, ________ needs are based on job security and financial security. (Points: 2)physiologicalsafetyegosocialQuestion 17.17.John is a Marketing Manager for Kaplan Soda Inc. He is making decisions about which customer groups his company will pursue for a particular brand or product line. What is this commonly referred to in marketing? (Points: 2)product segmentationperpetual maptarget marketingmarket segmentationQuestion 18.18.Michael is a marketing manager for a home repair organization. He is trying to make a decision on a supplier. Which of the following influences the decision about which supplier is chosen? (Points: 2)the initiatorthe influencerthe deciderthe purchaserQuestion 19.19.In technology-based markets, the marketing manager must understand who the different customers that will purchase the product at the introductory stage of the product life cycle and who will purchase the product as it matures. According to Everett Rogers, which of the following types of customers will be the first to buy the product? (Points: 2)early adoptersearly majorityinnovatorslaggardsQuestion 20.20.The concept of segmentation is important because it implies an understanding that customers are homogeneous. (Points: 2)TrueFalsequiz 9Which of the following is true regarding television advertising?: It is good for factual (informational) copy.It is the best medium for action and image advertising.It is easy to narrowly target an audience with the help of television advertising.TV advertising is time consuming and reaches limited number of people.Question 2. Question:Which of the following statements is true about customer promotion?It comes directly to the customer from the manufacturer.It is directed at intermediate channels of distribution.It is an attempt to get the channels of distribution to stock more of a product.It is run by the channel, either to the next channel the distribution cha or to fal customers.Pots Received: 0 of 2Comments:Question 3. Question:John is the marketg manager for KapConsultg. Their biggest client is Doc?s Cola and the ma objective is to help the client build the brand. Which of the followg is critical to buildg a strong brand?crease the sales volume of the products fallg under the brand.Reduce the production cost of the products fallg under the brand.crease the profit marg for the products fallg under the brand.Assign responsibility for brand development activities.Pots Received: 2 of 2Comments:Question 4. Question:John, the new marketg manager of Doc?s Cola recently decided to crease the bottle of soda by 5 cents. He needs to calculate the formula for the calculation of price elasticity of demand. Which calculation below is the formula for price elasticity?E = percent change price/percent change demandE = percent change demand/percent change priceE = percent change demand/percent change supplyE = percent change supply/percent change demandPots Received: 2 of 2Comments:Question 5. Question:Samplg is most likely to be used:the maturity stage of the product life cycle.the decle stage of the product life cycle.when a new product or brand is beg create terest among laggards and to generate sales the decle stage.Pots Received: 0 of 2Comments:Question 6. Question:John is a market research consultant for KapConsultg. He has just recommended a strategy to a client where product variants are developed to appeal to different segments of the market or to satisfy customers' needs for variety. What type of strategy has John recommend to the client?product le strategyproduction le strategycustomer le strategycompetitor le strategyPots Received: 0 of 2Comments:Question 7. Question:KapConsultg is dog some consultg for a small pharmacy Raritan, NJ called Doc?s Pharmacy. A big retailer just moved to town and they have a pharmacy. Which of the followg describes how a local retailer like Doc?s could defend its local market agast a global company?It should reduce its price and beg competg on price differentiation.It should emphasize its home country or ethnic orig.It should crease advertisg expenditures and contue with the same message as before.It should crease its research and development expenditure and enhance its product.Pots Received: 0 of 2Comments:Question 8. Question:Which of the followg types of coupon appears on the actual pages of newspapers rather than beg serted as a separate page or section?cross-ruffs coupon-ad couponsfree-standg sertson-package couponsPots Received: 2 of 2Comments:Question 9. Question:The largest part of a sales organization is made up of:field sales representatives.national sales sales managers.regional sales managers.Pots Received: 2 of 2Comments:Question 10. Question:Which of the followg marketg termediaries is a busess that assists the performance of distribution tasks other than buyg, sellg, and transferrg title?merchant middlemanjobberretailerfacilitatg agentPots Received: 2 of 2Comments:Question 11. Question:Tom, the accountant for Doc?s Cola requested formation on costs, such as the marketg manager's salary and product-related advertisg and promotion expenses. What types of costs are these an examples of?development costs.variable fixed costs.overhead costs.Pots Received: 0 of 2Comments:Question 12. Question:Which of the followg is an action-focused marketg event that attempts to get customers to purchase with a limited period of time?sales promotionmarket penetrationmarketg researchmarket segmentationPots Received: 2 of 2Comments:Question 13. Question:You are the marketg manager for Doc?s Cola and are workg on a product development strategy. Your approach to new product development consists of constant teraction with multidisciplary team whose members who work together from the begng of the project to the product's troduction. What type of new product development approach is beg used this scenario?the classic lear approachthe rugby approachthe cost-differential approachthe target-costg approachPots Received: 0 of 2Comments:Question 14. Question:The most commonly used quota is based on profit margs.TrueFalsePots Received: 2 of 2Comments:Question 15. Question:Which of the followg statements is true regardg the value-added cha of distribution channels?The value-added cha of distribution channels begs with the customer.Distribution channels establish a connection between the firm and the customers.One of the components of the value-added cha of distribution channels is the government.Distribution channels connect suppliers to the firm.Pots Received: 2 of 2Comments:Question 16. Question:Recently, the Marketg Manager of KapPlumbg Supplies has set a price that is higher than the target market is willg to pay. The customer looks at this situation as a bad deal and, unless the company has a monopoly or some other kd of market power, does not buy. Identify the situation.perceived value > price > costprice > cost > perceived valueprice > perceived value > costperceived value > cost > pricePots Received: 2 of 2Comments:Question 17. Question:KapConsultg is dog some consultg for a small pharmacy Raritan, NJ called Doc?s Pharmacy. Doc?s is thkg about comg out with their own private label for certa products. Which of the followg statements is true regardg a private label brand?It is sometimes called as an exclusive brand.It is usually the low-priced option the category.Stores often make lower margs on private-label brands.Retail stores devote huge marketg funds to support private labels.Pots Received: 0 of 2Comments:Question 18. Question:Which of the followg statements is true regardg the percentage of sales approach to budgetg?It views advertisement as an vestment measures its return by calculatg percentage crease sales for a particular period.It attempts to spend at levels proportional to the competition's spendg.Approach is based on the belief that advertisg causes sale.It selects a percentage of sales, either past or expected to devote to advertisg.Chapter 11Pots Received: 0 of 2Comments:Question 19. Question:Jenny, a marketg consultant for KapConsultants just recommended her client Atlantic Cruises use a value pricg strategy. Which of the followg statements is true about value pricg?It is also known as penetration pricg.It gives customers more value than they expect for the price paid.It gives the seller most of the value?cost difference.It implies low price alone.Chapter 10Pots Received: 2 of 2Comments:Question 20. Question:A salesperson's performance is positively correlated with:job satisfaction.marital status.educational background.personality type.Pots Received: 0 of 2Comments


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