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International Marketing Strategies course questions-Answer the 4 short questions, minimum of 150




Question;International Marketing Strategies course questions.Answer the 4 short questions, minimum of 150 words each.No word limit, just provide as much information as you can FROM A MARKETING PERSPECTIVE.Please only do it if you have background in MARKETING and INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS.1. What are the major environmental influences;which impact on international marketing? Show how they can affect international;marketing strategies.;2. Using examples, examine the reasons why;marketing strategies fail in intentional markets.;3. How does the mindset of a proactive;international marketer differ from a reactive marketer? Fill the table below;and discuss.;Proactive;Reactive;4. What do you consider to be the definition;of globalization? Using examples, how does globalization affect the;international marketing strategy ofMulti National Enterprises?


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