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Strayer MKT 100 Week 9 Quiz 3 (latest 2014)




Question;Strayer MKT 100 Week 9 Quiz 3Question 1People's needs to grow, develop, and achieve their full potential are referred to by Maslow as ____ needs.Answer ego esteem self-actualization social safetyQuestion 2After certain inputs have been selected to reach an individual's awareness, the next step in the perceptual process is perceptualAnswer organization. attention. retention. interpretation. redefinition.Question 3Consumers tend to remember information inputs that support their feelings and beliefs and forget inputs that do not. This is known as selectiveAnswer exposure. distortion. retention. information. organization.Question 4Changes in an individual's thought processes and behavior caused by information and experience is calledAnswer learning. attitude formation. patronage motives. personality. motivation.Question 5Business markets are typically divided into four categories. These categories areAnswer retailers, wholesalers, services, and nonprofit firms. producer, manufacturer, reseller, and government. producer, reseller, government, and institutional. manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, and services. reseller, retailer, government, and institutional.Question 6Churches, charitable organizations, and private colleges are considered ____ buyers.Answer corporate government institutional producer nonprofitQuestion 7____ is(are) a major threat to the sales success of jointly demanded products.Answer Price changes Shortages Economic instability Inventory buildup Proliferation of brandsQuestion 8Inelastic demand simply means thatAnswer buyers will not make a modified rebuy purchase. demand depends on how many items are purchased. a price increase or decrease will not significantly change the demand for an item. when price goes up, demand goes down. when supply is reduced, the price will increase.Question 9The Common Market of the Southern Cone (MERCOSUR) includes countries fromAnswer Africa. Asia. Central America. South America. the Pacific Islands.Question 10The purchase of products from a foreign source is calledAnswer exporting. dumping. importing. licensing. venturing.Question 11The United States' prohibition against importing cigars from Cuba is an example of a(n)Answer health control. quota. embargo. exchange control. import control.Question 12The Grummond Group buys computer peripherals in industrialized countries and sells them to customers in developing countries. Grummond is most likely classified as a(n)Answer trading company. strategic alliance. joint venture. licensee. exporter.Question 13____ are people who gather information and organize content generated by critics and creators.Answer Collectors Spectators Joiners Creators CriticsQuestion 14The ability to obtain digital information is referred to asAnswer accessibility. addressability. interactivity. connectivity. control.Question 15LinkedIn is a social networking site geared towardAnswer Millennials. teenagers. singles. professionals. retired peopleQuestion 16The most popular video-sharing website isAnswer Flickr. Facebook. YouTube. Wikis. QQ.Question 17The development of a container and graphic design for a product is calledAnswer licensing. labeling. preparing. packaging. distributing.Question 18The width of a product mix is measured by the number of productAnswer dimensions in the product line. features in each brand. items in the product line. lines a company offers. specialties a company offers.Question 19The last group to adopt a new product, ____, is oriented toward the past and is suspicious of new products.Answer non-adopters laggards innovators late adopters late majorityQuestion 20Sales start at zero and profits are negative during the ____ stage of the product life cycle.Answer decline growth initial maturity introduction


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