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BBM104/05 Principles of Marketing Tutor-marked Assignment 2




Question;BBM104/05;Principles of Marketing;Tutor-marked Assignment 2 (TMA 2 ? 30%);Submission Date;25 April 2014;BBM104/05 Principles of Marketing;Tutor-marked Assignment 2;Instructions;1. TMA 2 covers Unit 1 to 5.;2. TMA 2 carries 30% of your final total marks.;4. The assignment should be typed using Times New Roman, font size 12 and 1.5 spacing. Total word count should not exceed 4000 words. Use charts and tables to reduce the impact of word count limit. You may include Appendixes, but limited to three pages only.;5. The deadline for the submission of TMA is 25 April 2014. A softcopy of your TMA in Microsoft Word should be submitted via Online Assignment Submission System;6. A softcopy of your TMA must also be submitted to your class Turnitin.;Your task;Select a company that sells consumer products of your choice.;Example, you may select coffee, shampoo, mobile gadgets, cars, computers, clothing, etc. If your chosen company offers many different products, select only one strategic business unit (SBU). For example, if you choose Nestle, you may want to discuss only about Milo's range of products or Nescafe's range of product.;In an essay format, introduce the company and product you have selected. Identify the target segment. Then, discuss the current marketing mix (product mix, promotion, distribution and pricing) strategies of the product.;(40 marks);Marketing Mix Adjustment Strategies;In the next essay, provide suggestions of marketing mixes that you think is suitable for the next generation of consumers. The consumers will be those who are currently aged seven to ten years old, but in 10 years time, will be seventeen to twenty years old (college students and/or young working adults). In your suggestions, you need to state the reasons of your newly suggested strategies, and support your strategies as to why you think they will be successful.;(60 marks);Sem: July 2014 Page 2 of 4;BBM104/05 Principles of Marketing;Marks are allocated as follows;In an essay format, introduce the company and product you have selected. (10 marks).;Identify the target segment. (10 marks);Then, discuss the current marketing mix (product mix, promotion, distribution and pricing) strategies of the product.;Current product mix strategy (5 marks) Current promotion mix strategy (5 marks) Current distribution strategy (5 marks);Current pricing strategy (5 marks);(Total: 40 marks);Marketing Mix Adjustment Strategy;Your suggested adjustment strategies;Product mix strategy (15 marks);Promotion mix strategy (15 marks);Distribution strategy (15 marks);Pricing strategy and tactics (15 marks);END OF TMA 2;NOTES;? You are expected to demonstrate your understanding of relevant theory as well as explaining application of that theory for your selected company.;? You should use other sources of information in addition to the set text (such as: the company website, other texts, relevant articles/sources) to support your discussion. This will increase your understanding of the subject matter and add credibility to your discussion.;? You must correctly reference your sources of information using the Chicago referencing style.;Sem: July 2014 Page 3 of 4;BBM104/05 Principles of Marketing;GUIDE;a. Product strategy;o determine the product type and discuss the marketing mix implications for this type;o explain the positioning strategy you think is being used for the product.;o describe the product according to the three levels of the product. b. Promotion strategy;o describe all promotional tools used to communicate the product to the target;market.;o include a copy of one promotional tool used to communicate with the target market.;o what are the advantages and disadvantages of using this promotional tool? Discuss whether this tool suits the needs of the target market.;c. Pricing strategy;o list the price of this product and compare it to competitors (a table may be used).;o draw a perceptual map for this product. (include price as one of the perceptual map dimensions). Explain your map.;d. Marketing mix adjustment strategies;o discuss how the marketing mix elements (product, price, or promotion) could be adjusted to better suit the target market. As you will be assessed on your creativity and your innovative ideas, this is your opportunity to think of novel ways to market your selected product to the target audience.;Note to tutors;Sem: July 2014 Page 4 of 4


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