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Strayer MKt506 week 5 and 6 discussions




Question;Week 5 Discussion 1;Plan for the Future" Please;respond to the following;Create your own working definition for;advertising creativity and project what this activity will ?look? like in the;next 20 years. Discuss what factors you considered that led to your;prediction(s). Evaluate the role of divergence over time. Read the comments of;students and comment on the perspective shared respectfully.;Assume you are an account planner for an;advertising company hired to lead advertising campaigns for any one of the;following product lines: baby clothing, beverages, home and garden products, or;jewelry. Determine what types of general and product-specific preplanning input;you might provide to your team. Then, suggest a selling proposition for the;product. You will need to provide fictitious details to create the selling;proposition.;Week 5 Discussion 2;Is It Too Much? " Please respond;to the following;Select an ad featured in Chapter 9 of the;textbook. Identify the advertisement. Then, evaluate its appeal to the public;and whether such an advertisement can benefit from the exposure effect.;Determine what type of appeal is being targeted by this ad and its success at;accomplishing the goal.;Determine which function is the most;difficult to implement in the creative strategy process. Assess the;implications of what this means to advertising agency decision makers.;Week 6 Discussion 1;Over Time " Please respond to;the following;Reflect upon the product category you;responded to in the Week 5 discussion (baby clothing, beverages, home and;garden products, or jewelry). Then, create a brief media plan for a product;from that category.;Formulate a trajectory that reflects the;development of the role of TV as an advertising medium. With the increased use;of DVR and Internet viewing of television programming, which allows viewers to;skip or reduce the amount of advertising viewers watch? Assess whether;traditional television advertising is an attractive media purchase for most;products.;Week 6 Discussion 2;Turn or Click" Please respond to;the following;Evaluate the ?Power of Print? advertising;campaign run by the five major magazine publishers, presented in Chapter 12, to;promote the viability of magazines to potential advertisers. Determine the;significance of this effort and speculate what failure of this initiative can;mean to print media in the next decade.;Assume you are a consultant to a group of;small magazine companies. Develop a model that you would use to help you make;the decision as to whether a magazine should make its publications available;online. Determine the barriers or area of resistance you would need to be;prepared to address.


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