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Assignment 2. Distribution Channels




Question;Assignment 2. Distribution ChannelsTo understand marketing, a good first step is to master your insight into the FourPs of marketing: Product, Pricing, Promotion, and Place (i.e., distribution).Everyone knows the importance of having a well defined product, appropriatepricing, and a good sales campaign. Perhaps the least appreciated of the FourPs is place. Because it addresses the issue of distribution channels, you mighteven wonder why it is considered a marketing issue rather than an operationsissue.As a thought exercise, provide a compelling argument that holds that place is themost important of the Four Ps. Be thorough in your discussion. Illustrate it withexamples from a variety of businesses and scenarios. By the end of yourdiscussion, you should be able to convince readers that place is indeed superimportant in marketing.Target length of the assignment: 2 pages


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