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MKT500 Week 8




Question;MKT 500 Week 8 Discussion questionThe Importance of Social Media and Web;Analytics" Please respond to the following;* From the scenario, prioritize the most significant components;of a social media campaign according to the level of influence each could;have on the new product launch. Examine both the social media tools that;will provide the highest return on investment (ROI), and two (2) key;performance indicators (KPIs) that one could use to measure success.;Provide a rationale for your response.;Imagine that you are a manager of a retail store in a major;mall with decreasing sales. From the e-Activity and weekly reading;suggest two (2) ways that you can use social media in order to increase;sales and promote your business. Provide two (2) examples of businesses;that have used these methods and succeeded.


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