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Question;Week 10 Discussion 1"Consumer Protection? Please respond to the following:Consider the role of entities such as consumer protection groups and examine the role they play in protecting the interest of consumers. Determine if advocacy of more legislation to protect consumer interests is needed and provide support for your response. Discuss the implications of your position on the public and business.Take a position on the case regarding the Federal Trade Commission?s guidelines that require bloggers and endorsers to disclose any material connection to an advertiser. Online students should review classmates? positions and respond to at least one classmate with a thoughtful criticism. On-ground students will respond to a classmate with a thoughtful criticism.Week 10 Discussion 2"Did You Get It?" Please respond to the following:Describe the elements that you would work into a shock advertisement that advocates something that matters to you in the area of education, the community, and or the workplace. Be tactful and respectful in what you create.Consider the elements you identified above and identify one method you would employ to communicate the ad.


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