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Question;Question 1The _____ is at the heart of integrated marketing communications.productbrandorganizationcustomer2.5 points Question 2The AIDA concept refers to the steps in:the development of an IMC program.the consumer purchase decision process.the distribution of a product.the promotion of a product.2.5 points Question 3Because direct marketing is interactive, it:focuses more on promoting the company?s goodwill and educating consumers about the firm.allows marketers to tailor individual responses to meet consumers? not very effective in reaching a wide very informal and its effectiveness is difficult to measure.2.5 points Question 4A(n) _____ is a promotional effort by the seller to stimulate final-user demand, which then exerts pressure on the distribution channel.task objective methodAIDA strategypushing strategypulling strategy2.5 points Question 5_____ is a promotional tool that is generally free, although companies have very limited control over the good or bad company information given by the press or electronic media.PublicityPublic relationsSales promotionAdvertising2.5 points Question 6Which group of activities is considered to be a form of sales promotion?Personal selling, advertisingTelemarketing, publicityCoupons, rebatesGuerrilla marketing, public relations2.5 points Question 7The function of informing, persuading, and influencing the consumer?s purchase decision is called:salesmanship.advertising.promotion.communication.2.5 points Question 8Which statement concerning telemarketing is correct?It has been unaffected by the Do Not Call Registry.It remains the most frequently used form of direct marketing.Telemarketers are not required to transmit their Caller ID information.Telemarketers are allowed to send recorded messages to all prospective customers.2.5 points Question 9The promotional mix for which of the following offerings is likely to have a high emphasis on personal selling?A new line of women?s casual wearA trade-in offer on Apple iPodsA new line of nail colors that do not flakeA diet drink introduced by a well-known brand2.5 points Question 10One of the advantages of the direct mail medium is that:it offers the ability to reach a broad target market.the per-reader cost is lower than other types of advertising.response rates are measurable and higher than those of other types of enhances credibility of the product offering and the company.


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