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Question;From the text: Give a brief discussion of franchising from the text.From the website: Visit the website and read the Answers To The 19 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Franchising. 1. Explain what a franchise is, how one is started, what type of business lends themselves to franchising, and what a business format franchise is.2. What should a prospective franchisee consider before buying into a franchise?3. What legal issues should you be concerned with in buying a franchise? What protects you? What should you be wary of?Your perspective:1. Do you think you could be a successful franchisee? Why?2. Select a business you think you would be successful as a franchisee. Briefly report on what the fees and royalties are, what the total investment is, and any other item of interest about the franchise organization. You can find a list of franchisee by category by visiting


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