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Strayer MKT506 week 7 and 8 discussions




Question;Week 7 Discussion 1;I Saw That!" Please respond to;the following;Reflect upon a daily commute (travel to;work, shopping centers, etc.) and think about what support advertising has been;the most impactful to you. Describe your experience and what this means to a;marketer.;Select a new media form and assess its;advantages over traditional out-of-home media. Discuss how you have benefited;from this form of media and in what way. If you have not benefited, discuss;whether or not you think you will in the future, including your rationale for;doing or not doing so.;Week 7 Discussion 2;Electronic and Medias" Please;respond to the following;Present an argument that seeks to correlate;direct marketing with direct-response media. Discuss the implications of what;you have discovered.;Evaluate what stage of the integrated;marketing communication program benefits from Internet activities. Discuss;whether a business professional or an entrepreneur will be considered credible;amongst peers without a virtual profile. Provide examples or evidence with your;response.Week 8 Discussion 1;Worth the Reward? " Please;respond to the following;Explore the relationship between promotion;and sales promotion. Determine the effect of sales promotion on branding and;discuss whether or not budget exchanges are worth the outcomes. Provide an;example to support your response.;State the most impactful sales promotional;tools and discuss what makes them effective. Describe what makes those tools;work.;Week 8 Discussion 2;Marketing Public Relations;(MPR)" Please respond to the following;Take a position on whether the average;organization or product / service should use MPR. Support your position with;examples or evidence.;Refer to Figure 17-1 to select one of the;companies that used MPR. Determine if the rationale of the company was sound.;Assess whether the long-term effects favor the company. Based on your findings;discuss what this means to marketers.


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