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Question;Page 1;Question;1.1.(TCO 1) Which best describes Market research;as it relates to different firms: (Points: 5);Internal;if the firm is smallExternal;if the firm is largeBased on the needs of the firmNone;of the above;Question;2.2.(TCO 1) In the marketing planning process;scanning the environment and identifying threats and opportunities is: (Points: 5);Situation analysisStrategy;developmentMarketing;program developmentOpportunity;analysis;Question;3.3.(TCO 1) Which is not a function of Database;analysis: (Points;5);Extracting;data from existing databases.Performing;statistical analysis to better understand customers and their behavior.Database administration.Merging;cleaned data with other relevant data.;Question;4.4.(TCO 2) A syndicated research differs from a;customized research in that: (Points: 5);It;takes less time to complete a research project.It is jointly sponsored by several;different organizations.It;provides more accurate data.None;of the above.;Question;5.5.(TCO 2) The most economical and fastest;sources of information are generally provided by: (Points: 5);InterviewsSecondary dataQualitative;dataNone;of the above;Question;6.6.(TCO 2) Firms that work with individual;clients and help them develop and implement a complete marketing research;project are called providers of:(Points: 5);Customized servicesSyndicated;servicesSelective;servicesField;services;Question;7.7.(TCO 3) Errors commonly found in research design;include: (Points;5);Selection;ErrorMeasurement;ErrorData;Analysis ErrorAll;of the above;Question;8.8.(TCO 3) The following is not a part of the;Research Objectives: (Points: 5);Research questionAnalysis;of resultsDevelopment;of hypothesesScope;Question;9.9.(TCO 4) Which of the following can be called;exploratory research? (Points: 5);ExperimentsObservationCase studiesInterviews;All are examples of exploratory research;Question;10.10.(TCO 4) Descriptive research can be defined;as: (Points;5);A;research approach which is used when a researcher needs general insights;into a problem.An;approach to determine cause-and-effect relationships.A snapshot of some aspect of the;marketing environment at a particular point in time.An;approach which isolates all causal factors.;Question;11.11.(TCO 4) Of the following research questions;which could not be answered by exploratory research? (Points: 5);How does;revenue vary with the size of our company's sales staff?What;do customers expect from our product?What;are the alternative means of transportation for urban commuters?Are;customers satisfied with our product?;Question;12.12.(TCO 4) The probability based scheduling;approach that recognizes and measures the uncertainty of the project;completion times is the: (Points: 5);GANTT;chartPERT chartCritical;Path MethodGERT;chart;Question;13.13.(TCO 4) Which one of the following provides a;standard source of recurring data? (Points: 5);GuidesCensusDirectoriesIndexes;Question;14.14.(TCO 4) Which of the following statements;about internal records is false? (Points: 5);Internal;records provide data on marketing inputs and outputs.The;data in internal records are intended to satisfy many different information;needs and may be inappropriate for marketing decisions.The time frames in which variables such;as sales are measured will always correspond to those used in external;data.Records;of sales staff activity may be exaggerated.;Question;15.15.(TCO 5) The tendency for new members of a;panel to report unusual levels of purchase is the result of: (Points: 5);Testing effectsMortalitySelection;biasProbability;sampling;Page 2;Question;1.1.(TCO 5) Which of the following is true about;computer scanner checkouts? (Points: 5);They;record purchases by passing them over a laser scanner.One;of their advantages to the researcher is the ability to look at data over;short periods of time.Consumers;purchase data can be instantly accessed.All of the above.;Question;2.2.(TCO 5) Which one of the following is not an;expert system based on scanner data services? (Points: 5);SpotlightSales;advisorPromotion;simulatorEconomic Information System;Question;3.3.(TCO 5) Which of the following is not an;application of the standardized data source? (Points: 5);Measuring promotion effectivenessMeasuring;ad exposure and effectivenessMeasuring;product sales and market sharesIdentifying;newer markets;Question;4.4.(TCO 5) Which of the following is not true;about complaint letters? (Points: 5);Complaint;letters are sources of data on product quality and service problems.Complaint;letters represent an incomplete and distorted picture.People;who write complaint letters are likely to be highly educated and;articulate.Complaint letters are the most commonly;used method for consumers to resolve a dissatisfaction.;Question;5.5.(TCO 5) A uniform numbering system for;classifying establishments according to the types of goods and services;they provide is: (Points;5);Market;IdentifiersStandard Industrial ClassificationCompustat;servicesValueline;database;Question;6.6.(TCO 6) True measure of effectiveness of ads;on the WWW is measured by: (Points: 5);AdCount"Click-through;ratesNumber;of Web cruisers seeing the adNone;of the above;Question;7.7.(TCO 6) ____________ focus groups are based;on the premise that true motivations and feelings are subconscious in;nature. (Points;5);ExploratoryExperiencingClinicalTraditional;Question;8.8.(TCO 6) Behavior recording devices include;all of the following except: (Points: 5);A;pupilometerA;psycholgalvonometerAn;audimeterA TAT;Question;9.9.(TCO 6) The moderator of a focus group;should: (Points;5);Try;to keep the discussion as close to a question-answer session as possible.Encourage;natural group leaders.Avoid;demonstrating an interest in the views of each participant.None of the above.;Question;10.10.(TCO 6) Which of the following is not an;approach used to collect non-overt primary data? (Points: 5);Retail;store audit"Garbage;research"Randomized response techniquePsychogalvanometers


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