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Please read the attached info before answering the question below. Questions: Contract Employees are to complete and submit this form for authorisation prior to commencement: Answer: Company Name Oz Invest Pty Ltd Do you have any questions about how you will implement this Client?s Brief? Have you identified any information gaps that will prevent you from completing the client assignment? If Yes, list the missing information Part 2 - Please see attached spread sheet questions. Thank you! Regards, Student,What I will do is to send again part 1 questions with the information.,Part 2 Excel,Please open my previous attachment documents above- part 1: Accounting question 24th Aug 2012 and Part2 : OZ Invest - 2011 Budget questions in excel...,I have started answering some part of excel part2...please find attached the problem is I am not quietly sure if I am 100% right, so correct me if I am wrong and continue. thank you!,Professor, Please let me know if you got both 2 attachment documents questions including draft solutions in excel. Thank you! Regards, Student,Thank you very much Professor for accepting my assignment. Regards, Sudent,Dear Pfoefessor, I received your solution in excel and I have clarification for QRT1 what Valuations business Unit 2011 Qrt1 Variance Report? and as well, WhatRecommendations and Advice to the valuation business unit manager? If i am not mistaken the part 1 questions also related this problem where I am still waiting from you...but its ok you I would mind to check before 5pm wednesday australian for its due today, what I meant the first part 2questions need to answer aswell...Again, thank for your time and I really appreciate for your help. You are doing a great job! Regards, Student,I really appreciate your help Professor...Thank you!,Hi Professor, If you would mind I need your answer part 1 tomorrow 7am wednesday...Also, please review excel solution .Thank you! Regards, Student,Thank you!,Hi Professor, I'm wating for the solutions part 1 and excel solutions needs to be review esp valuation buisiness unit 2011 Qtr Variance report & Recommendations ands advice to the valautions business unit manager...Please help til 5pm til7pm today thursday -Australian time. I really appreciate if you can solve these issues soon. Thank you! Regards, Student,Dear Sir, I acknowledge that I received the attached solution. I am now finalising my answer(s). I will keep in touch if i will encounter any clarification/ figures that I understand. Im glad you finish before 5pm today. Thank you very much! God bless! Regards, Student


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